Sss 4092 electric hydrofoil for disbaled guy


Having a 3d printer is a nice thing
Files will be on thingiverse soon if anyone needs them. Search for ple40


my heart always beats faster when receiving new parts :slight_smile:

reduction unit is ready to mount, some electrical parts arrived, I am ready to go for the upper part, where I will be sitting on.

here the pics of the mgm controller:
look at this beauty

it was hard to find a 200A wattmeter for 60V, but I found one


just missing assembly!

i was using the same wattmeter … it’s not easy to read with the sun.
I though that it doesn’t matter, as long at i get my max values at the end… but i had some breaker issue and basically each time i was getting back to the beach power was off… so no data usable.
Start thinking of how you can mount a camera with a good view of it if you want to gather data :slight_smile:


The controller does datalogging, very expensive but the all around package is very good. You can see all data afterwards on computer.
a little preassembly:
lot of holes to drill :sweat_smile:


If that’s not already your plan, you might want to rotate the full fuselage / wing assembly 180 degree along its axis.
Almost all the weight is transmitted to the front wing. The way it is in you picture, the screws will take the full load. I’m not concerned about the screw breaking, but the stress on the wing itself will be way more concentrated than if the fuselage was pushing against the wing.


Looks awesome, Board progress and robohand! Keep up the good work.

You will add some fibers to the wing, correct?

Looking forward to see it on the water


@Mat yes the front wing is upside down, whole tube must be rotated 180°. Backwing isn’t screwed or glued yet, otherwise I couldn’t make a picture, backwing would fall down :sweat_smile:

@Hiorth I honestly think that the frontwing would brake, this is why I will print it again with a hole going nearly through the whole wing to screw a rod in for stiffness. I don’t like to work with fiberglass, it’s messy and dirty^^

Don’t misunderstand me, PETG is very strong, I couldn’t brake it by hand yet, but the bending is pretty high and I think it would cause “aerodynamical” flow problems :face_with_monocle:

And i will shorten the alutube, now it’s 750mm, will cut it down to 625mm.
Mast is cut down to 600mm too as you guys recommended.