Sourcing top cells from electrical car retrofit centers

Came across this starting global trend : where “retrofitting” means converting your existing combustion engine (ICE) car to an electric one in 4 hours from 5500 to 10.000usd depending your governmental aids.
Our local car garages are on the verge of becoming conversion centres and could soon be selling the state of the art batteries we are interested in.
As a fellow member, could you present an overview (+ post prices / links / + battery focus ) on the conversion of combustion cars to electric cars (“retrofit”) process in your country?

On a side note, there is also a valid electric vehicle (EV) battery source in the car junks as @Riwi did splitting a Nissan (Leaf ?) battery into efoil compatible elements.

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Not Nissan, Kia Soul.

The quality of those cells is amazing.

Riwi, do you have car “retrofit” centres in Sweden ? If yes, could you provide an overview ? Users from the 5 continents please chime in :+1:


Not really, we have an orogansation, SFRO, that has made guidelines for converting. I followed them when I did the fiat 500. Some small private business might offer to convert cars.

Norway is our go-to country for batteries in Europe. They have it all.

Yes, I remember thisnice project.

Would you have some information/links ?

This is their 21 page guideline for electric cars:

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