SOLD; For Sale Start kit for Pacificmeister build

Hi all,
Sadly, due to a change in family circumstances, I am on-selling the start kit from Vefoil which I bought in April from him. See link below to original post.
Parts are still in original box I received and have not been touched. Asking price same as original price USD550+shipping
Let me know if anybody is interested.
Corné Kleinloog
New Zealand

Hi corne, can you contact me on Thanks

Replied to your email.
Cheers Corné

Hi guys,

I have someone interested in the gearbox only. If I split the kit up, anybody here interested in the rest (motor, ESC)?
@Gavin, you still interested in the kit? Did you receive my reply?

Is this still available

Yes, is still available. A couple of interested parties but no-one has committed yet.

still available? I am interested in the kit offered (from Italy)

@carletto77 Yes, still available. Cheers.

Hi guys, need to get this kit moving, will offer free shipping.
@carletto77 @harrypozzi @Gavin @BartStevens
For the kiwis that are interested, NZD750 and free shipping.

hello from france sorry for my student english… can you ship here free?and is the kit full like the first pics thanks😉


Yes, all parts as per original photos.
Parts are still in original box I received and have not been touched.

  • Marine water-cooled Yep 120A ESC with programming card
  • Neugart PLE040 5:1 reduction gear
  • 56114 550kv motor
  • shaft seals, bolts, washers, prop pins
  • Three 3D printed parts internal parts already completed
  • XT90 connectors
    USD550 & free shipping

Cheers Corné

ok thanks i check the pacificmeister fullkit list and come to buy your set…did you have and like paypal…?

Have send you a PM with my details.
Cheers Corné

If Sniper doesn’t Buy it. I will. Let me know if it doesn’t work out.

Sorry @Sean, sold today.