Slingshot hover-glide mast design


Does any one have a slingshot hover glide mast and could make a design drawing of its cross section. I can’t find a scale drawing and need one for the plans of my foil build and I’m not going to get the mast for a while so I can’t make one myself.


I made one for that foil last year, totally forgot about it. Never used it. It’s quite a heavy mast profile. But stable. Here the mount (Fusion web link):

Hope this helps.


Cheers for the CAD design file @pacificmeister ,but I probably should have been more clear I meant a PDF or such like design drawing that I could print out on paper and use as a drilling template.Unfortunately I don’t have a 3d printer so I’m working on a relatively low tech build.


@Taekni, no problem we can derive it from the Fusion file. I exported it as PDF for you on A4. I could not verify the measurement since I don’t have the mast here, hope I got that right when I did it. Good luck.


Hi, I have the mast here. For a crosscheck: 114,4 x 15,3 mm.