Simple way to make ultra-smooth 3D prints at home


Hope this is helpful for all of you 3D builders. Please comment,
share others methods or ideas and experiences :smile:


This will work for ABS, for PLA you’ll have to sand. (must admit sanding is boring)


@iLouis, Great info, thx :smile:


I print a lot of SBS plastic for it suitable solvents such as Dichloromethane and D-limonene, the treatment can be done by immersion for 1-5 seconds after which you need to let it dry out much faster than treating ABS with acetone vapor. I did not use PLA plastic, but I heard that Dichloromethane is suitable for it, can be treated with a brush or placed in a container with dichloromethane vapor as in video.


I ordered a gallon of SMooth on let u know how that works out :smiley:


@PolSerg Please post video, thanks, great info :smile:


@LIftAss a gallon :laughing: Great, cant wait, thanks :smile:

Evrybody, can this method be it for PLA?