Signatures - please add your build info


We are encouraging all forum members to use their profile as a quick means of sharing build info with other members. Click on my profile pic/logo to see an example. Simply click on your own profile pic in the upper right corner of the screen, then click the gear symbol (preferences) immediately below it. Then click Profile on the left and use “About me” to enter your info as follows:

[build status - observing, procuring, assembling, testing or riding] / [motor model] / [gear model] / [ESC] / [foil] / [board] / [prop] / [link to a thread about your build, if available].

Then, anytime you are on a forum page simply click someone’s profile pic to see a pop-up showing their build specs. Thanks!

How Would You Cut This Board?
Florida Build - PM Based
How Would You Cut This Board?


Smart…Mine is done!


Awesome, that was a great idea. Thanks!


Done :), good idea! thanks.