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I used a CR-10 printer


Hello Atriay11,

I also have a CR-10, with which I printed Mat’s foil (see the Optimist thread)

Would you be so nice as to share your mast file in a STEP format ?

Thank you


Nice job!! I would wrap that mast with 3 layer of carbon (300gr should be ok) , wacuum bag, two sheets of polycarbonate hinged with tape, a couple of inch wider than mast, to compress the wrapping and close the trailing edge thin and straight. (carbon only…).
I’m afraid that plastic and some glass only, it might be fragile. It’s awesome, would be to bad to break it!


I actually used mesh mixer to slice the foil up and exported the files in .stl ready to print. Would you like me to post those?


Thank you ATRIAY11

  • The STL is fine for simply printing it
  • The Step format would allow us to modify it


Hi, I would like to see if my craftbot 3d printer can print your design so really appreciate if you can post .STL


I made a Post Called Austin’s Build that includes all the files and how I printed them for those interested in this build. I had to try a few angles and support structures.


Thank you Atriay11 !

Son eventually went for his own 3D printed model for his school project which he could dismount, transport and mount easily for going back and forth to school. He chose a real life LF system and designed / 3 D printed a similar system.

You can see it on the following thread ; 3D-printed mast profile + collar


Hey Everyone! I’ve always been a fan of any type of water toy. From trying to build diver propulsion vehicles with my dad when I was younger to building a 10’ outboard then on to a 13.5’ hovercraft, I like doing new and weird projects that I get to learn from. I’ve been fascinated by hydrofoils since college and have sketched up multiple ideas for them, but I always thought about them being in boat form rather than board form. Seeing PacificMeister’s efoil inspired me to begin my own project. But rather than buying the foil and the board, I’m doing my own wood/fiberglass laminate. Still trying to figure out where to compile the build documentation, but I’m taking pictures as I go! The shaping of the foil, tail, and mast are practically done, and I am finishing up the board now and should begin the assembly over the next week or two.


We finally got up efoiling this weekend with our direct jet drive system and waterproof remote control!

SO EXCITING! Check out the short video of us trying to learn efoiling :slight_smile:


Congrats! Been a long journey but you got there!


Hi Guys. I’m new to the whole forum thing so didn’t really know where to put this.
I have been designing a water jet system on Solidworks to mount to the back of a windsurf board. (Unfortunately, I can’t afford a hydrofoil) I would love it to get some advice on my plan and parts I decide to use. I am limited by budget being 17 and all but it needs to be powerful!

Motor -
Batteries -
Remote -

Jet Design

Cheers guys. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.



I initially had a similar idea of adding a jet to my windsurf board. For your impeller/ jet punp design i would recommend adding a stator. A stator is a second stationary propeller after the normal one. This stator removes the swirl. Without a stator you loose thrust as the power only creates a swirling water on the output nozzle.
In my opinion getting a jet pump right is a lot harder than building with a propeller.
On your parts I can only give general advise as I have never used parts from hobbyking. For the motor I would recommend reading a lot on the forum to get a feel on what torque and power ratinngs are necessary. It obviously depends on your board size, but I could only reach about 12km/h on my board with my first jet pump. It had 23kg of static thrust and used 3000W for that. My jet was really inefficient. If you don‘t have much experience in designing those jets yet I would recommend building one of the more tested designs. For examle the initial pacificmeister setup is maybe not perfect but has been tested and works more than sufficiently. I dont‘t want to discourage you from developing your own jet, in fact I would encourage you to do so. Just keep in mind, that it might not be ultra fast on the first try. This will in turm likley lead to more money spent on additional parts as speed on water is very addictive :slight_smile:
I would especially recommend reading a little on sealing the shaft to your jet on this forum. And from my experience outrunner motors, like the one you selected, are very hard to keep cool. The rated power on the hibbyking site is only possible with huge amounts of airflow from an airscrew. To get max power for more than a few seconds a good cooling setup is necessary. This is one of the reasons why many on this forum use inrunner motors instead. Inrunner motors can be easily cooled by a water jacket as the outside is stationary.

Those are all ideas I had to your post, I hope it helps you on what to design next. Much success with your build.


That is very helpful and thorough, thank you very much. Do you think instead, it would be worth designing a hydrofoil / buying one and mounting it to my board? Meaning obviously, I would have to change my whole design? Because there is practically no friction on a hydrofoil, increasing my chances that I can get speed.
I only say this because it would be for my 2nd-year product design project meaning I would have to go through a development process to improve and adapt my designs. (3D printing costs do add up though…)
So instead I could use an SSS 56104/500KV Brushless Motor and mount it tight within a metal tube and add an impeller and stator, running the necessary cables up and through the hydrofoil to a waterproof box there?



check this one. I designed it some time ago. You can see the stator.


Have you tested this one yet?


Thanks a lot. I clearly have a long way to go… I think I am going to follow Pacificmeisters idea and just buy a hydrofoil to go with. Seems slightly easier.


Soon I will run it. I am using it for a small boat I am building for my daughter.


Excited to see it running! Keep us updated


Hello everybody.
I would like to present you my board here.
I think I’ll be finished with the board in 2 weeks. Then it goes to the electrical system.