Shaft couper solutions/recommendations



on recommendations of @Hiorth , I made this coupler. It is a copy of Ruland (sorry) but they are hard to find here and very expensive. the propeller shaft is of diameter 10. So, Wait and see.


it’s not a coupler it’s just a jewelry


and how long is it? To not have to modify anything in PM’s pieces the coupler must be 25mm long. So you did your copy by ourslef? Or where did you get it?


The coupler is made of steel and weighs 81 gr. L=27mm. (Homemade)
What do you think if the coupler is in aluminum ? This weight will be 25 gr.


Ok! is it something you would be ready to sell or did it take too much time to make? I’m really not able to do something like that homemade


wow!! What a beautiful coupler!!!


Will u sell it? I plan to propose my better half soon and this should fit very well!


One more interested person, from the South of France :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

This forum allowed me and my friends to embark on this project. Thanks to the community, we can exchange and correct our mistakes. I had a lot of demands on the machined parts of the engine.
Today, I made the choice to continue trading but not to sell my achievements because I do not know how they will wear out in time. There is less than a year of experience. Machined parts are expensive.
So it’s not fair to sell this type of product. I do not have the experience of some others you. Maybe someday.