Setting up an ARC200 with a Maytech Remote


so are you saying that you are plugging your PWM cable into the throttle port?

Any pics of your set up would be helpful

I’m so confused :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, I made a cable connected to pins 1,2 and 6 on that connector. Ground, 5v, pwm signal. I’ll take a picture later today after my maiden voyage.

Took one quick… although hard to tell what is going on…


Did you pair your receiver and transmitter before the ARC set up?

Are you using a maytech remote?

I had paired it before but you should be able to do it after hooking it up No maytech remote but should be the same if you are using the pwm signal.

Thanks and good luck with your first flight :grinning:

Still having issues with my set up in the ARC GUI

Anyone ever had this message:

I have updated the firmware and I am using the latest Version of the GUI

It only gives me this error sometimes and sometimes it lets me through to the next step

Now getting multiple errors after I try and send the configuration to the drive after step 1

Hello, you may want to try one of the older software versions. I seem to remember having similar issues and reverted to version 1.1.10 or even 1.1.9. I don’t know which one because there is no version number in the software… (edit: looking at the size of the exe file it is 1.1.10)

Thanks, that gives me some hope. I will try it tomorrow

1.1.10 is the latest version of firmware available and works well. I use 1.1.10 and then the matching 1.1.10 GUI


I have deleted/uninstalled everything iincludung the GUI and ST driver and will get everything directly from the Freefly website as I see they now have a whole new ARC200 section

I will try and make sure the GUI version matches the software.

How do I know which software is currently installed on the ARC itself?

Apologies again for my constant questions! If I ever get this thing flying I will owe you a beer or two!!!

Just upload the same firmware version number as the GUI. Don’t bother worrying about whats already on there.

I’ve had to restart and reconnect the GUI program whenever it seems flakey or misses a connection. Are you connecting over USB or BLE?

BLE is more flakey especially at lower signal levels.

Silly question but how do you install the software update on the ARC, I think I did it successfully the other day but can’t be sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have a small program called “UMD Firmware Updater.exe”. I suppose that will do the trick. I don’t know where I got it from though. I can send it over if you can’t find it on the Freefly site.
EDIT: They just updated the ARC200 wiki page and removed the 1.1.11 firmware. If you download the 1.1.10 firmware from here: The updater tool is included

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Where can i buy this esc?

They discontinued it end of last year. I think no one was using it except for efoilers!

Here’s the GUI and explanations:

Thanks everyone it worked and I am now successfully past steps 1 and 2, sadly when it comes to measuring Pole pairs in step 3 the motor does not rotate as it does in the arc set up video. This makes me think that there is an issue somewhere. The motor pod made a slight faint sort of pulsing noise when I pressed the first +1

I have stopped the process now as I don’t want to damage the motor/esc