SALE : SSS56114-390 / Reisenauer MotorChief / A200S ESC


After an accident this year my project gets stucked.
Parts laying around and i wanna sell them if someone is interrested

Its the Reisenauer MotorChief 1:5 with complete Assorter Box
Complete Assorter Box with additional Motoradapter for the SSS and a second Motorgear.

Motor is the SSS 56-114-390kv, Motorshaft was lathed down to fit the Spurgear of Planetary
Done by a company, good job IMO.

Both bought in 11/2017 , brandnew, newer used,
SSS was 190€,
Planetary was 350€

both together asking 400€
international shipping possible, i´m located in Germany

Also have this 2pcs of this massive Vesc6 based hardcore ESC laying around :
A200S 16S - 200A®*-project

Bought in May
Paid 475€ each
Asking 390€ each

I personally think prices are fair, feel free to comment.
You could also do a offer.
For all Products the is still waranty on it, copies of Invoices could provided.

Let me know what you think.

Hang Loose

My 3 month build
Alien 200A 3-16S vs Seaking V3 130A vs Flier 400A

@NoWind - Hi Jenso,

I take the SSS Motor and the Reisenauer :slight_smile: Let’s eMail about the High-Power VESC6 … I will give you a call.



Hi Jens,

I would also be interested about the SSS and Reisenauer. So let me know if they are still available for some reason.



Send ya an PM
Thanks Dude

Sorry its sold

Only one A200S is left



Just curious to know if it has been sold and if there is any feedback on this A200S VESC …