Safety with eFoils


Ok, we have the same, I’ll receive in 1 month a SSR relay for test
I found only one


Even more expensive :confused:


Do you have the link for that NO switch?


I once had a e-longboard explode under my feet. Luckily it was only the ESC not the battery. Flames, the smoke, the sparks and the lightning was insane. A simple fuse could’ve prevented this.


yes but it’s a french link

ref : PS-70474 14.919.04


Merci, c’est commandé! Bonne trouvaille, cela simplifie pas mal en enlevant le relais


What do you guys think of having a electronic pressure pad/sensor built into the deck padding? When your feet leave the board the pressure sensor could cut power to the motor/esc. Would be more reliable than anything wireless and would be a lot safer than a kill switch connected to a lanyard. Just started researching and found the below:


Not sure what the state of the art in e-skates is these days. The first e-skate I had ten years ago had metal foil on the hand grip that turned my body into part of the antennae signal, and a wire loop in the board that was the receiver, 70cm away and it stopped. Pressure switches seem like they will trigger too easily if you lift a foot or bump, if the whole riding surface was monitored by weight or capacitance or some method it seems better.


Tu as déjà utilisé ce coupe circuit automatique ?
Comment l’as tu monte sur ton installation ?
Sur mon installation j ai positionné un disjoncteur étanche entre les batteries et le contrôleur , j ai un switch on/off sur mon esc turginy refroidi par eau mais je bloque pour la sécurité en cas de chute notamment pour que le moteur se stoppe
Merci pour ton aide


Not to be overly sensational, but there is a very disturbing injury photo of a surfer named Yu Tonbi Sumitomo
(google his name for the photo) that had an accident, getting hit in the face with his own board’s foil or mast. It will clearly re-emphasize the importance of safety features in our developments as those risks are just as present in this field.


What would have prevented his accident?


A helmet is a good start, but sometimes you just can avoid some injuries. Also, learning how to fall on a foil is crucial. Lots of great youtube videos out there. Bottom line, don’t try to save/prevent you from falling once the board reached a certain angle, instead, just fall in the direction you were/are headed and restart.

When you try to save a potential crash, that is when the foil and you buckle and the foil folds up towards your face. As soon as you watch a few videos on how to fall/ride the injuries almost vanish :slight_smile:


Got some links?

I am going to wear a helmet and full body Wakeboard gear plus shoes.


I am wondering if this relay could work as a cutoff. Rated for 500A at 12V. I wonder if 48V makes a difference. Prime Tech Schwerlast-Relais 12V, 500 Ampere, Winden-Relais


Can you help me to connect kill man on my Electronics system ?
I install an automatic water proof breaker after my batterie but’ i dont know how install
Kill man protection and where ?
I havé a on /off to my esc


@giloris I am going to use on of these magnetic switches. You need to get the closed circuit when magnet is attached type.


But how you install it and where , do you send me a picture
After batterie with relay ?. Havé you installe à waterproof breaker to ?


My ESC doesn’t have a switch, so maybe yours could be done differently. Other builders please feel free to add to or improve my connection suggestion. I am still in the building process, so nothing has been tested. This is my intended hookup. I hope it helps.


This one might be easier to see


Your deadman support more than 40v
Ubec is absolutly necessery ?