Safety first, but how?

I have not found a good way to get the propeller to stop immediately when I fall off the board. Furthermore, I wonder if a large 150A fuse from the car between battery and VESC is necessary. Does it really protect my life? What solutions have you found?
Already read that the magnetic switch has passed current and there was a blow.
Are there any good solutions?

I have an ESC SWORDFISH pro 300 + and use the on/off switch that I replaced with a magnetic switch…not yet tested in real situation but on the test bench it is ok.
Otherwise, a KILOVAC LEV100A4ANG must be used.
I had asked for advice to use the SWORDFISH as KILL SWITCH switch but I never got an answer from the community…HiFei told me that it was feasible.

wow, 100,-€ thats a lot…
But it is a good idea to ask the best of all, Benjamin Vedder…
May be he can implement it in the VESC

Yes very expensive but you can find it at 50 euros on aliexpress…they certify that it is the original…to see

Okay, than I will try it with the magnetig and on/off from my Trampa Board. Thanks a lot.