Request: Parametric Mast Clamp/cone


So @pacificmeister and I were talking today about the mast clamp. In his open source version, he has the nose cone come back past the second cavity in the mast (see picture below) which is where the 3 x 8awg wires are going (tight fit). Wouldn’t be too hard to modify the design to move more of the mast clamp forward and reduce the nose cone, however, how cool would it be if we could input parameters into Fusion 360 and have it move these bits for us!?

Now I’m not a Fusion expert, but @Taylor is! Hehe. Some of the things we explored as possible parameters include:

  • Width of clamp and nose cone
  • Gap between clamp and nose cone
  • Mast properties for adjusting between mast types quickly
  • Circumference of pipe input in the back of the mast clamp
  • Thickness of pipe input in the back (for thicker pipes)
  • Maybe adjustment of screw hole placement or screw thickness (currently M6x60mm)

Anything else you can think of? Would be pretty epic if this could be built!


I Would welcome:
One radio button to choose between :
1- tapered trailing edge such as preloaded Eppler 837 12% thickness as standard mast section since 80% of high performance hydrofoil brands [Mantafoil, Zeeko, Alpine, RL, Shinn, Spotz (RIP) and so many more] use this airfoil section.
(in fact the original E837 is 16% thickness to chord ration but reduced to 75% = 12% chord see 2nd diagram below)
Airf Section manta RL E837mod 12% 29pc

2- ‘thick’ trailing edge such as NACA 4 digits (Liquid Force, …)

3 input fields to enter data read on caliper “Mast chord mm”, “Mast thickness mm”, “% chord” (of Max Thickness measured from leading edge)
2 input fields to enter 2 data read on caliper “Mast chord mm”, “Mast thickness mm” and a graphic cursor to position the Max Thickness

Regarding the post Builders: how not to drill your alu or carbon mast!
One radio button to choose between :
1- wires inside the mast
2- wires outside the mast (No drill option) [would slightly increase the nose volume btw]

If value 2 is chosen (No drill option), 2 fields appear:
Field ONE asking for the dimension (or volume) of the cavity to allow wires to reach the motor, flush with the leading edge (LE) of the mast as shown on the diagram below

Field TWO : Asking wether double sided scotch tape is used between clamp and mast: YES - NO
If YES is chosen, a tape thickness field (mm - 0.5 default) can be removed inside the clamp around the mast for even closer adjustment.