RELISTED; For Sale Start kit for Pacificmeister build

Hi all,
Sadly, due to a change in family circumstances, I am on-selling the start kit from Vefoil which I bought in April from him. See link below to original post.
Parts are still in original box I received and have not been touched. Asking price same as original price USD550+shipping
Let me know if anybody is interested.
Corné Kleinloog
New Zealand

Hi corne, can you contact me on Thanks

Replied to your email.
Cheers Corné

Hi guys,

I have someone interested in the gearbox only. If I split the kit up, anybody here interested in the rest (motor, ESC)?
@Gavin, you still interested in the kit? Did you receive my reply?

Is this still available

Yes, is still available. A couple of interested parties but no-one has committed yet.

still available? I am interested in the kit offered (from Italy)

@carletto77 Yes, still available. Cheers.