Receiver connection problems


Hello everybody,
I have some issues with the connection between receiver and controller as my board gets pushed a little beneath the surface when I lay on it.
First I thought about extending the antenna just bringing it to the top of the board which is out of the water but than I read its not possible to extend. My thoughts now are to buy a servo extension wire, somehow waterproof the receiver and put it on top of the board.
Is there anyone experiencing the same issues and has someone already found a better solution for it?


Try to touch your waterproof box with your remote while under water and the signal will be ok


If your remote is arduino based, you can switch from Bluetooth to 433mhz transmitter/receiver.
with a bit of trial and error on the antennas, i managed to get the signal through 2 ft of water…


Thanks a lot!
I will try that for the next test. It would definatly be the easiest solution.


Thanks for your answer but unfortunately it’s not. It’s just a simple Alien remote.


Does someone know if it’s possible to connect both antennas of receiver and transmitter with some sort of cable?


Together to have a cable connection ?


Yes, I already found out it is not possible.
Touching the battery box doesn’t work propperly either so my last solution I can think of would be to bring the reciever towards the top of the board which will be out of the water most of the time.


You can connect a “bike throttle” to a servo tester module ( or module sold by alienpowersystem ) to your esc , connection by cable all the way