Rear Wing for Efoil

Hello guys,
Hope you guys are having a great time.
Whitch wing combo would you recommend to use, for my efoil project?
My suggenstions are the Moses W683 front wing and the S483 rear wing.
What rearwing would you recommend for good allround charactaristics? Topspeed, and good riding stability.
I also know that the W450 is being used in many Projects. Are there any benefits of these two?
Or is one of them a bit of a drag after getting the hang of riding the efoil better and better? I am targeting of getting on but the right wing, not 3 wings for 3 different Scenarios…
Is there a big difference between these two rearwings?
Looking farward to read your suggestions…thanks in advance and
lots of greetings, Joe

The W683S/S483 wingset seems to be a nice kitefoil set for speed and stability according to per (22 knots with a kite = 40kmph). Just make sure your mast is hollow for 3 8AWG wires + possible water pipe.
Don’t know the W450 though.