Questions about VESC controller

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These pages deserve to be adapted to an efoil use and present in an efoil wiki before they disappear. :+1:

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What is the function of a brushless motor? Beginner’s guide to choose the suitable motor

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Motor is updated with roller bearing and new splined shaft, more stable and reliable.

Hey Chris, tell us more about your new efoil. Please show us some close up pictures especially what’s under the hatch.

As most/all of your products are Maytech’s and that you are using their own product reference, could you confirm you’re a Maytech subsidiary ?

This is maytech. When you pay them via Paypal it is Maytech’s account. In fact is probably the best way to buy stuff from them.

Would be interesting to see where they are getting the board from…

Yes, more obvious on Aliexpress, obviously a bargain at 7115usd instead of 11655usd :stuck_out_tongue: Why don’t they open the hatch ? Not a Cimi board.
The Michobby price has risen by 800usd in just a few hours (6000 to 6800).

If you have any questions about the products, shipping, etc., please contact consult customer service or send email to