Question about extending Maytech receiver antenna

Hi guys.

Question for those of you who are DIYing your own remotes and have a lot of experience with remotes and receivers.

I want to extend my maytech receiver antenna. Like, extend it a long way. 120cm. I think the antenna wire is some type of shielded wire. I suspect that the antenna is “tuned” or in some way “matched” to the hardware of the receiver. I think it is 2.4g Bluetooth signal.

Rather then go down the path of trial and error and cutting the antenna wire and soldering an extension in, I thought I would ask some of you tech-savvy guys for advice.

I purchased a 600mm antenna off AliExpress. I haven’t used it yet, but it plugs into the receiver fine. It has a bulb at the end. I suspect this is to compensate for the longer wire length, like a booster or something?

Can I cut the wire on the 600mm antenna and extend it to 120cm? Can I order the same type of antenna wire and make my own? What factors need to be taken into account to make a long antenna work as well as possible with the maytech receiver?

I plan to mount the receiver inside the aluminum box with my ESC and extend the antenna up to the nose of the board.

Sorry for the long draw out post. I’m looking for replies for those of you who know how this magic actually works! :rofl:


This is the current setup I haven’t tested yet with the 600mm AliExpress antenna. I need it to be twice as long so I can move the receiver into the aluminum box, and run the antenna out that hole into the nose of the board.

Some of the suppliers on Aliexpress can make custom lengths. Try message a few of them.

What is not working on your current setup?


The signal is easy to block. The 4’4" board is so small it is very difficult to get started without the board going under water, and the signal cuts out if any water is on the board. The signal also cuts out if I scoot forward and lay on the board, my body blocks the signal. And sometimes when I’m sitting on the board the signal gets blocked.

I can ride it fine now by just avoiding these things, but friends and family really struggle with it.

Also, I’d like to consolidate the receiver (small plastic box) so it is inside the aluminum ESC box. Clean things up. Simplify. Reduce clutter.

Thx for the tips. I will ask some suppliers if they can make me a custom one.

I still hope to hear from someone who knows how or if I can extend the antenna myself.


Haven’t done it for the maytech remote / receiver but this is a common thing in drone. I have seen plenty of people tinkering / hacking their antenna to get better signal. It works better at the remote side though.

However, if you plan to use a custom antenna, there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you follow some rules like for exemple described on this tutorial. Remember, I am not an expert but just like you I love to tinker and test / hack things :v:

You could extend it yourself. Very fine work and would be tricky. The outer sheath is grounded so would also need to keep that connected together.

You could also buy an extension which have the connectors installed.

You can extend it yourself easily. You need some coaxial cable which you could easily source locally. In the case of the maytech receiver you need a micro ufl connector on one end (this may be harder to find locally) of the cable, to plug into the receiver. At the other end of the cable, you need to peel away the outside shielding so 3.1cm of the inner cable is showing, this is the part that picks up the signal from the remotes antenna, the length of inner wire showing is specific to the frequency.

If you search up ‘diy 2.4ghz Fpv drone antenna’ or similar you will have an abundance of tutorials!

You could even buy a 2.4g wifi antenna with a long cable and a older it to the maytech receiver wire, the point where the 2 separate antenna cables are joined will reduce antenna efficiency a bit but enable you to have the antenna at the front of the board for better signal