Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc


I was thinking about 1 duct in front of the wing and one behind. Not sure if that would be efficient.


yeah i thought about that idea too but figured that the trust from the front duct would loose power hitting the rear duct and create a water breaking action. maybe i am wrong but i think one duct either side of the mast would be a better setup and more efficient .


How many poles does that motor have? still 6, or does it have 8 or 10 poles?
It should have a lot more torque with more poles as well.


maybe someone needs it?

Ewrithing its ALU only the prop!

Compatible with all engines (TP motors, SSS motor) fi 56

You pay only for : GEARBOX (apex dynamics 5:1, MOTOR halter, GEARBOX halter and PROP)

ewrithing else its GRATIS




Why do you sell it? Did it work?


Left from my VERSION 002 and its work yes.

I thought I could help someone to easier make a DIY EFOIL.


Which gearbox is that? Have you broken some yet?


NOT YET… my first was APEX DYNAMICS 7:1 and STILL works…

IMPORTANT: SLOW START and slow acceleration and axis must be concentric to gearbox and bearings.


I got that Apex 5:1 from @Flying_Rodeo, it still not tested on water but the feeling is of very good quality, not even close to my first China-gearbox. The mounting is a piece of art! It fits perfectly the SSS motor (shaft 8mm though). I really like that prop shaft! I wish you would have it before!


has anyone tried one of these or think it may work?


What is the input speed?


hello, tell me whether this engine is suitable? it can be used?


Unfortunately too weak. You need about 5x the thrust (~25kgf). There is a lot of discussion here, search for “thrust”.


Thanks for the reply. I thought so. I read the topic associated with the search for the best options and I have one question. Why is there no ready-made prototype engine on sale?


not enough thrust although good data,

Saying it produces 5.1kgf lets say 5kg @ 350 watts then theoretically it would only require 2100 watts to produce 30kgf.

this tells me optimization is key in all our designs.

amps would be around 150!


Thats why I plan to print 12 props. 3 diameters and 4 angles. Suggestions for 100kV are welcome. I hope I can map the efficiencies with the VESC and find the perfect sice. If we can run this at 2000Watts that would be amazing. So I am aiming at 30kg of thrust?


30kg seems to be the magic number in my opinion


Not enough power I am afraid, unless you have everything else super optimized and are very light. Better start with bigger outrunners, like 2x SK3 149kv a with combined 4500W. Worth a try. Still low compared to the 14000W of the SSS. I know, overkill, we don’t quite need that much with a well designed rig. But you are more likely to get up foiling while you are still tuning other parts for efficiency.

FYI, Fliteboard just indirectly announced today that they have 7500W when they posted a weight ratio comparison with Ferrari on Facebook.


Lol. Just got new belts today and put it together again. Fingers crossed.