Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc


I got mine at for CHF242 the delivery was about 3 weeks


The link took me to a storage solution website?


@morgansteven1970 Neugart charged me 204 EUR plus 99 EUR for packaging and shipping to Australia. It is far cheaper to buy from Neugart directly, but it is a long time to wait.


Oups, here is the correct one

Relex AG
Wilenstrasse 43
CH-8832 Wilen

Zentrale: +41 (0) 55 225 46 11
Direkt: +41 (0) 55 225 46 18
Fax: +41 (0) 55 225 46 19


That would be possible, but you will loose loads of structural integrity, unless you build a special custom piece (expencive) that allows bolting, waterproofing etc.



Shiping to Australia is expensive. I don´t think he overcharged.


We need to get their motor (motor and planetary gearbox built in !)

Maybe there are such in-runners which are sold this way…


except that they never delivered on that project… and the whole project team disappeared…


Really? Maybe I rode a prototype. I test rode the Stary in April and was surprised how much torque these geared hubs has. Loud though. See us checking it out for a few seconds at 30s in this vid:


they delivered a few at the beginning, and are selling some via other distributors, but most of the backers didn’t receive anything…


Some pictures of the Reisenauer Motor Chief
Gearing 1:5, 50000 1/min , 5KW

It looks sooo tiny next o the Motor…



@MaxMaker I was happy with the all up cost. So the shipping cost didn’t bother me. It’s still a great deal.


Looks good. Did you have to order the pinion separately? does the 390kv motor have a 10mm shaft? and what is the diameter of the inside of the pinion? Looking at ordering one of these too. Cheers


Pinion and Adapter Flange ordered seperately yes.
10mm Shaft on the 390kv yes.
Only 6mm inside the pinion.


Speed test with large foil, got 28(27.85)km/h (3/4 throttle, cant handle the lift in full throttle). pretty confident we will be able to ready 20knots with a slightly smaller foil, maybe more with some more improvements on duct/prop design.


Hi @NoWind, how are you going to put the pinion on the motor shaft? Lathing the shaft of any other ideas? I’m thinking in this direction too, but the shaft fitting problem is still to be solved…


I turned down the shaft on mine – worked out well. Picture in this post.


Hiorth, Nice work!

Could you explain what you mean by " ,can’t handle the lift in full throttle" please?

I’m wondering if it is a problem of too much decalage?


Your iride time was 32mins. Was the batteries flat, or could you go for longer.
What battery setup are you running ?


We use a sup foil, made for surfing (low speed) the foil come out of the water if we give full throttle due to too much lift. But super stable and easy to learn/foil in low speed, which also makes the setup very efficient (operates in the optimal range for the duct).

We have 2x100006smah lasts for 13-15minutes. Will soon have 2x 2.1kwh built with 18650 cells ^^ should give more than 60 min ride per battery.