Propellers and Ducts


What is the diameter and the delivery time to the EU?


diameter its 135mm and high pitch.

3 blade prop 3200 rpm SPORT WING more then 40 km/h


And 3 different colors:



Is the 3 blades with the highest pitch?
Can I order one?


Is it real shaft rpm under load?


3500 Theoretical
3100 - 3200 Water



Pic of the pin mount please, and how the shaft has to be? ( i ve just glue mine to the gearbox…)




Sorry how long needs the shaft to be ?
Base diameter 60mm?



That is perfect for my set up :slight_smile:


What’s the pitch of 3 blades? And 4?


3 blades black please


Aparrently there is such a thing as a safety propeller. The blades are rounded and the inventor can be seen sticking his arm and fingers in without any harm. Efficiency loss is claimed to be very small. This would allow us to safely remove the duct and have the efficiency too. I would try with some fruit and veggies before
trying with my body parts, but worth trying.

The Lift E1 eFoil thread - info for the DIYer

There’s no real reason you couldn’t do this for DIY. I still think for commercial units they will sell with duct though as there less chance of people bruising and suing.


So far I haven’t seen a duct that keeps fingers and toes out. Even the jet designs have finger access to the prop. This may well be the safest option especially in combination with a simple/low drag prop guard.


Are you worried about getting your fingers in there? Or will you use them with “Noobs”?


Interesting, wonder how the prop performs with thick, round leading edge. Looks like reverse is not good for fingers, the trailing edge lookes sharp. Keep us posted, this is at least a better option than open regular outboard props.

With the duct we use now with 6 struts, its not possible to reach the prop(from the front) with fingers/toes as long as you use booties and keep your hands closed in the water.

But if they first get in there the result could be bad, as it will be “trapped” in there.


Hi Hiorth

Did you get much better efficiency from the rice nozzle? I like you duct design
what size is your prop? I’m looking at around 136mm. How much gap did you leave from prop to inside of duct. I see pictures of some and the gap is large which would cause big inefficiencies.