Propeller sale FOLDING PROP liftfoil

I I sell a liftfoil folding propeller.

Brand new and unused, just to see how it’s made !

free delivery in Europe (chronopost)

price 795$ plus shipping, plus tax, I paid 1200 €.

I’ll let it go for $700.

Now that production has ramped up for this prop, they are not as expensive as they were.
Lift has them on there website for $795.

I would take it for 300$

yes 795$ without transport , 100$ for Europe and with out taxes ( around 200€),

so you can buy it on lift , no problem :wink:

yes, and me too.

at 300$ i need 10 pcs.

No need, I already have one. Mine was 400€ +20€ shipping for the latest version. Not the older version.

My point was that you should ask for a fair price.
Yes, you payed too much for the first ones. Doesn’t mean you should try and Rip off the next guy.


You bought it from FR?

:+1: Yes.


Wich Diameter dos this prop unfolded?

Wow! Now that’s a beautiful piece of engineering. How does it ride compared to the solid one? Are you happy with speed and acceleration?

I haven’t completed my second build yet, so still untested.
I don’t expect similar power from this prop. I’m actually hoping it has less which might give me a softer throttle range when I use it in surf.

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