Poseidon E-Foil


South Florida build. sss56104 motor kv130 Seaking esc 7:1 Parker gear box water cooled. Custom built board Carbon fibers/Kevlar @ crowd control shapers. 3D printing from all axis. Custom boards available soon. Special thanks to Pacific Meister


Really beautiful build Darby! SSS motor?


Yes sir. SSS 56104. May try the Alien outdrive next…


130kv and 7:1 reduction? That is pretty low output RPM. What prop do you use? What speed do you get?

Cool looking board! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I used the four blade !I need to use the 5:1 next time…image|281x500



Great job derby Nice to have a another Floridian e-foiler we will ride together soon!


Thanks Ken- It’s great to have another local to share ideas and builds with… The direct drive looks like it’s working and saving weight and money but I’m not sure if the RPM’s are high enough and if salt water is a problem.?


Love your Build. Is it a vacuum mould? would you have a spec drawing of your board?


Hey thanks! It wasn’t vacuumed just layed on with epoxy. I only have templates at the shapers (Crowd Control).



What was your final weight without hatch?

Would you be able to get some dimensions and cross sections to share?


The final weight is 12lbs. Without hatch. The width is 27.5” and height is 5.8”.


That’s Great! Only the foam and composite skin?