Perfect and cheap Reisenauer prop shaft


Length : 145mm
Diameter : 10mm
Thread : 1.0
This bicycle wheel axis is delivered with various bolts, has a thread on both sides plus a polished surface in the middle and fits perfectly the Reisenauer Chief. Cost : 6 Euros, delivered to France in 3 banking.days !

Shaft is hollow though.


We have some shaft for reisenauer if need sombady…

High quality aerospace stainless stell 1.4548

And elektrepolished surface treatment

Its perfect fitt to reisenauer and on end its M10 THREAD. :hugs::surfing_man:‍♂


Hi do you sell this item in France?


Nice , same shape as mine but looks a lot better :wink: , what is the lenght off the 12mm parts ? ( i have all ready printed my new parts…)
Thank you

@Cvelec : yes fast shipping to france , no problem


lenght of 12mm diameter its 26mm :slight_smile:


Is there any specific reason why you guys have 12mm and 10mm parts ? Is that because you could not find double-lip seals with a 10mm internal diameter ? Or is there another reason ?


Hi, we use thise for extra support on PROP. :slight_smile:


What’s the cost of this part David?


Interesting way of centering a hole in the shaft…


Yes this its realy super idea to make hole in shaft, but on this shaft its alredy made 3mm hole for pin… :grinning:


@Flying_Rodeo, could you pls pm me with the cost of one, but at 10 mm only (we already have all seals and bearings at 10mm) , including shipping to France ?

Thank you


Hi ,

Sory but shaft its front 12mm in diameter👌


OK. Price please ? :wink: