Parametric Propeller & Duct Design - Fusion 360


Hi @Fabien_n, Rev3 references the parametric prop/duct linked in this thread above (I think). Here is again the direct Fusion link to this parametric prop/duct component: Download the Fusion 360 Archive here:

…and import it into your Fusion project. You should be able to see the parameters:

Hope it works for you.


Thank you so much @pacificmeister it is now ok!


To reduce the drag, what do you think to change on the duct Naca 0012 by Naca 0010 ?
Do you think it is a good way ?


I would like to thank everyone for a great design in Fusion 360. I am new to the group. Is is possible to create a motor that works in opposite rotation from this design? I would like to make 2 smaller motors the rotate like they would for say a quad copter. Thanks for any help. This in itself is a great piece of design work.