Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


I used to have that UBEC. It shorted out and possibly was the root cause of my seaking burning.
I now use the one below for 12 volts with no problems.


Same here, bought 2, both fried… seller never replied to questions and i can’t seem to be able to leave a bad feedback… and just because it wouldn’t be fun otherwise, i still get his spams every couple days…


I just ran in to the same issue. About a year ago I bought from Ebay for 3S-12S. I had good luck with it. It still works. About 6 months ago I bought a spare on Amazon. At the time I did not notice it says 3S to 8S.


Hi, good news. A lot of material for the board Build:-) Maybe someone can need something…



apologizes i only just saw this.

attached is the files i made for you.

Also done anyone know how to convert these original files so they can be re-

worked on in Solid works ?


I need the picture seen in section like mine presented above


Hey there,

Hello from Belgium.

Who can tell me what the scale is of the STL after downloading?
If I import them in Cura, the files are HUGE …
So to what scale should I reduce them?


[Off topic] With a profile thickness of nearly 19mm, I understand why supfoilers like @charlieuk appreciate this AXIS mast so much for its stiffness over Naish or Gong (“too soft and not as responsive to catch a wave”). For efoil practice, however the Naish and Gong thickness to chord ratios are lower offering less drag so a lower energy consumption.
Axis thickness to chord ratio (TR or TCR) = 18.85 / 119 = 15.84%
Gong TR = 14.68 / 109.51 = 13.40% (thanks RIWI below). 2.5% difference that’s not negligible at all because the AXIS mast is… 18% thicker than the Gong … :crazy_face:
As a reminder, the best carbon masts are around or below 11mm chord :no_mouth: They are plain carbon so not hollow so cannot welcome our three 8AWG motor wires (+ optional ESC cooling water tube).