Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


@Yinnon_Haviv did you get any further with testing your PG gland cable entry into the mast clamp? I’m keen to do similar and hear your result.


Nope, I didn’t get back to this. sorry.


I printed the mat flange with the cable glands and made a test of waterproofness but in static … no leak … I silicone mounting screw threads of the glands.



First of all - thanks for posting these amazing resources!

I am attempting a build based on your design and at the moment there is a long delivery time (12 weeks!) for the Neugart PL40 5:1 drive. However, 8:1 are available. What are your thoughts on using this ratio instead? I will be using a SSS 56104 500 Kv motor and a VESC 6.

Could the pitch of the prop be adjusted to compensate? Or should I simply wait for the 5:1 gearbox?

Also, it would be interesting to hear if anyone has sucessfully used any of the Chinese copies of the Neugart gearbox.


Hello ,
Do you think that the VESC6 can resist the amperage asked to get out of the water …?


It is a VESC 6.4. Do you think it is too small?
It is rated 80A continous 120A burst.
At 12s the power would be about 50v x 120A = 6Kw burst and 4K2 continous.
I have not been able to find out how long “burst” could be sustained, but I guess cooling is an important factor. Do you have any figures?

What are your expericences with the VESC? Would you select a Seaking 130A-HV V3 ESC instead?


8:1 should work while it lasts. My first build had a Parker 7:1 and it worked fine until it stripped. You may need to adjust prop a little but I’d start with the 4 blade and see. The 5:1 or 4:1 ratios are supposed to be a little more robust for max torque and max rpm, because of the size of the planets. That was the main reason I went to 5:1.


Thanks for the advice! I will try the 8:1 and see!


This is a question for anyone using a hobby wing 130ahv esc.

Is everyone got water cooling for the esc? Or are you using a alumium plate as a heat sink to the boards external surface

I have not got any esc cooling just a aluminium lid. I am having problems with the board cutting out then motor beeps , then when I leave for a couple minutes it back to normal. This have only started since I using a bigger prop 160mm seems be be struggling for power ( other prop 130mm no issues )

Have anyone else had similar issues.


Hi all! New builder here after discovering this thread yesterday. Looking at exploring the use of a cheap chinese PLE60 (ignoring longevity issues for now), with square flanges turned down to the 57mm housing diameter on a lathe - this way the gearbox can be watercooled through the Aluminium housing as is done for the motor. Will update as to the success of this idea!

Just a quick question though @pacificmeister - I notice in your Rev3 that you are using an openable O-ring solution for the rear attachment of the Al tubing - but I can’t see any sort of fixing that holds the rear printed parts on? Obviously the thrust will be pushing it on, however I can imagine prop drag pulling the whole motor/gearbox assembly straight out into the water if this were the case - I therefore assume there is some attachment hiding in there somewhere?



Welcome Max, see here: Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


This is my current approx layout fyi - using a 30204 tapered roller bearing to take the thrust. Also moved the final bearing and oil seals around:


Thanks @pacificmeister! I was going to go with the set screws, good to know you’ve done the same.