Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


Hi Leland, I don’t have plans for a meetup here right now. Builders are spread thin all around the globe so best to connect and discuss topics here on the forum for now. But something to keep in mind for the future as we grow this community. Keep us posted on your build.


Looked in their website last night. It was kind of confusing but I found the right part just with the part number mentioned in the list Thank you


Canada but they have great service and decent prices. Mcmaster wouldn’t sell too me.


Hi Giloris - Just building my drive pod now and reviewing all postings for tips. I have the exact same concern about the very heavy drive pod only being supported by the mast clamp at the front. Did you find this was OK?


Hi it seems that masterclamp not support heavy tube with every parts .

I find a new pièce but i dont test it . It seems more solid



Thank you to @Yinnon_Haviv for sharing the version without silicon @pacificmeister … I will order the PG7 and cous made a return after test and waterproof …


Hi Yinnon_Haviv
Could you Say me width of your mast ? (My chinese mast is 12,4cm)
What kind of screw do you use to fix your mastclampto thé aluminium tube ?


Has anyone used a Reisenauer Gearbox on @pacificmeister build?


Not too sure, but it would work just as well I would think.


@Alexandre uses a different motor but his unit is otherwise pretty similar I think. With the Reisenauer you can skip the 3D printed part that mounts the motor to the gearbox, but you need to find a flange from Reisenauer instead that fits the motor.


Hi Good work !
Could you Say me your mast width ?


I actually had to take a file and file all the threads on the motor mount and it fits perfect now I also had to sand the threads down too.


sorry for the late response, the mast measures 110 mm
I have the stl files if you want.


Mine is 124mm. How de you do to modify masterclamp parts ?


I take a picture of my mast and I 'm embedding 360 canvas tab then I caliber the photo has the right dimention and fits the shape mast clamp.

@pacificmeister did a video tutorial


@pacificmeister It seems rev3 .stl listed files are out of scale. They are tremendously large parts, Am I missing something?


Hi @samisin, from what I understand STL files contain no scale and the units are arbitrary (see Wikipedia). My scale in Fusion is set to mm in this project. Seems like some programs assume cm and then you will see it 10x bigger than the actual size. Just scale down by 10. Hope that helps.


yep, I figured it out and sxported stl file with cm. thanks


Strong, hollow and cheap, at 59€ mast only (65cm) and 399€ for the complete foil setup with 1200sqcm Surf/Sup wing, this mast is very interesting for our use …



I will get a Gong foil too, heard some good things about it.