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I search desperately for a new gearbox at a Neugart 40 PLE 5: 1 because my parker broke after a water inlet but I can not find anyhow or find and what model for an entry speed at 26000 rpm


Dear Merten Stroetzel

I am the Beginning engineer. I am in Astana.
I can not open downloading files and open fusuion 360

Fusion 360 CAD assembly 1.1k (with the old duckt)
Fusion 360 CAD assembly REV2 682 (info in post below)
Fusion 360 CAD assembly REV3 479 - May 2018 (this one is shown in 3D above, similar to REV2 just slightly stronger duckt struts - tested, better than REV1)


Create a Fusion 360 account. Click on the assembly links you listed above. The fusion assembly will open a preview in the browser. Select the download symbol on the top right and select the .F3Z file type, these are Fusion archives. It will sent you an email when it’s ready to download. Import that .F3Z archive in your own Fusion project and it will bring all the parts in. Good luck.


Thank you for having responded to me

The file opened/

Bat which one?

Fusion 360 CAD assembly REV3 - this last?

I have an idea and this requires the same dimensions of the motor, gear and screw.
If you still have unnecessary things to do, can I buy them from you?
Is it possible to buy from you the last or penultimate version of your option that you do not need already?


Hi guys, I just want to advise and I do not know much English, I’m translating through google translator. :slight_smile:
I understand correctly that I need to buy things from the List of Material and print the rest on a 3D printer.
Just tell me: Do you have a 12W (50.4V) for SSS motor + gearbox with ESC Seaking 130A? Or for 6S (25.2V)?
And works well seaking 130A?


There is nothing. And also to print it is necessary to go to other city and that can it won’t turn out. Therefore we want to buy the ready assembled motor that already taktilno to work at it example


When viewing your files they are all proportional and easy to import into my slicer. All except ** Duct_rev3.stl
It comes out HUGE! I had to reduce it to 10 % just to get it to fit onto my 300mm build platform. Do you have any idea how much I should reduce it in my slicer so that it matches the rest of the files?

Thank you


hey similar for me and for other E-foilers … just reduce by 10% to find the right size …
there is also the propeller 3 blades that comes out huge cura or simplify3D … yet when I open the STL under sketchup pro side are good …


Neugart ple 40 accept max 15k rpm on the 5:1 version !


thanks for your reply, you have a neugart 5: 1 as gearbox?


@pacificmeister do you have datas from your most optimised setup ?
I’ve read here and there that you were able to get on the foil with 35A only at 12S, so 1750W and to be cruising with only 20A so 1000W ?
Do you know what was the propeller’s speed ?

I have tried your propeller, pulled 80A at 2700 rpm but couldn’t get on the foil, so I’m wondering if it could be due to my DIY foil.



Thanx for amazing work and motivation to build an efoil. We have started, but we have a little bit different sizes on parts. So I was wondering if you have your STL files in STEP file format? Then we could scale things som much easier.

Thank you again.


Hi @SirNicos, easiest is to click on the Fusion link and download the complete Fusion 360 Archive, import into your own Fusion project and quickly adjust things there… and if you need STEP for some other CAD tool, it’s available for download too, see here:



This helps us a lot.


Aloha Pacificmeister!

Been looking at your site for sime time, I was wondering if you have arranged any group meetings or Demo sessions? I have recently moved back to Los Angeles, and saw you are here as well? Would love to meet the efoilbuilders crew in the area and get into building one!
I am a physician who has been surfing and caring for surfers for many years, would love to build one to ride both here in CA and HI (be happy to trade for medical services).
Please let me know if you have any efoil get togethers in Southern CA?


I am gathering the parts to srtart my build but having hard time to find 8mm Lip seal for motor shaft, Item #13 in the list. I would be appreciated if someone shares the link. Thanks


I bought here:


Not sure where you are located, but bought mine in the UK:


I am located in US. Would be appreciated if someone shares the US seller thanks


I ordered my lip seals here: - part details in the list of materials above.