Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


I just checked the Parker version linked above (, looks ok to me. Is that the model you are looking at too?.


Finally figured out what was throwing me off. I was seeing the pla in the parts list. Now im realizing you have it in there AND the parker but only the parker is visible. Im trying to add the ceramic bearing and im not sure whether to edit the parker seal mount to have a bearing or modify the pla 40 version to fit the parker.


@pacificmeister Thanks for sharing your work, you’re a legend! I’ll be starting my first build pretty soon :call_me_hand:t3: Got a lot to learn but seems like an awesome community over here.


can you give me the dimension of the two o-rings you use because I have a sealing problem, thanks.


hello, I can order at vxb for all that is attached to the lip, ceramic bearing and sealmount seal … any of you can you communicate me the dimension of the seal (ID, OD and TK) thank you a lot


I think I have found an answer to my question, this one is here (item 2)

it is a seal:
O-Ring seal OR-50X3.50-FPM80 - 50x57x3.5 mm

Sorry for reading bad …


hello Manu
for my part, I put seals int. 50 x Ø ext. x 3.5


ok’merci and you have water infiltration with this model of joint?


Not for the moment, I had to grease them (to the grease of silicone) because difficult to insert all in the tube !


nice carbon fiber work don’t have autocad so drew up my idea to see if help out not making foil boards to old and crash to much instead make remote control drag boats.



Looks interesting Robert. Thanks for sharing! I assume it’s a custom built motor vs off-the-shelf.


yes but as with my toys i build they don’t cost much and quick to make i’m still trying to get my boats to stay in the water instead of taking off flying i’m at 8 second guarter mile runs when there not flipping through the air.1320 feet is not that much of a distance but turning custom made motors at 120000 rpm there is to much trust from props in the air.


a question, the heat released by the gearbox neugart does not you risk damaging the sealmount in 3D printing? I planned to print my parts in PETG which seems to me you it has a thermal resistance 85 °
as you have encountered this kind of problem @pacificmeister ?


Hi @pacificmeister

I am interested in trying to print the 3D print of the Plugtest (

However, I was wondering if you would be able to provide the custom mast( file with the plugtest mast clamp components so I can customize the plugtest to my mast?

Many thanks!


Hi ,
I m interesting to your solution
Can you send me Stl
Do you test it on réal ?


I tested it on a bath, and it leaked. But I think it was a result of the cable glands being old. I think the design has future, I just didn’t have time to revisit it recently.
The fusion 360 link is here:
The STL can be downloaded from it. But here are direct downloads:



Thank you . What Kine of glanes câbles do you use ?


Plastic PG-7 glands, like these. I don’t use the nut, instead I created a thread in the 3d print.


Do you havé model stl to thread ?
On my hydrofoil i think insert silicone to waterproof wires


I think use this product