Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


Thanks. This is the link
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My design is using small copper sinks to flow ESC & battery heat to wax based ‘heat batteries’

If you are OK with ~50c temps of ESC & batteries you could consider storing the energy in low T melt wax. It is reasonably good with conducting heat & the latent heat requirement for wax to melt might make it a weight efficient alternative to having a larger heat sink.

I’ll be using it mostly because of relative ease of making the system safe & a self imposed design constraint of minimizing reliance and exposure of systems to the environment.



Sorry for the délay, I didn’t see your message. I drew all the pieces I need.


I find a new fonction in this forum. Cool .
This is the good way for the link :


Here is the correct link: I also updated the old post. As mentioned, I never tested this. Please let keep us posted on your plug tests.


I don’t see any nuts/bolts that hold the fuselage together that contains the motor. How is this held together?


You mean holding the alu tube and the plastic parts with the O-rings together? I added a few set screws on the wet side of the O-rings after assembly.


After various test prints, I finally started printing the full “production” version of my mast clamp (27h print just for the back mast).

The design is here if anyone wants to have a look, here is a snapshot:

and here is a preview print before the last min modifications (such as preparing for the set screws that @pacificmeister mentioned):


Looks good. Did your tests with cable glands prove they were ‘waterproof’ under water under pressure?


No, I didn’t test the cable glands under pressure. I imagine that coming up with the design for the testing environment might have taken more time than the route I took. My first tests are going to be at the local swimming pool (before opening hours, dah) so the damage is small in case of a leak.


what parameters for filling and wall thickness do you usually use when printing different parts?
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I print everything 100%


Thank, @pacificmeister

I encounter a small problem with the STL files Prop rev3 - 3 blade and Duct rev3 namely that these are just gigantic and do not match at all the original size …
an idea of ​​where this can come from?
Thank you very much


Check your units, probably inches in stead of mm


I had the same problem ; the propeller was 10 times more big ; so, just change the scale at 10% in Cura.


Thanks @cristophe and @Hiorth
can one of you tell me the outside diameter in millimeter of the duck? because I can not know if when I reduce the stl for printing I am at the right size


For me it is 148,7mm in Cura. I think it is different for @Hiorth because he doesn’t use the same propeller. For me, I use the V3 propeller of @pacificmeister.


ok thank you cristophe, I had actually forgotten that @Hiorth did not have the same editing.
maybe @pacificmeister can do a little bit of that.


I noticed the seal mount file has a REV2 that uses the ceramic bearing for the nuegart ple 40 however the sealmount for the parker does not have this revision. Does the REV2 for the ceramic stabilizer for the parker model exist? Or even a Parker V3.


The Parker assembly model also when you download it has the ple 40 parts. So I can’t find fusion 360 parts to export. The stl were exported in cm instead of mm so their all off and can’t be printed as is.