Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


very nice, the way of my next setup, be sure to drill the hole for the screws before the o-ring :wink:

and m10 cables glands:


Thanks for the feedback!
@pacificmeister, the access to the cable glands is just a bit tight but came out certainly fine to work with. I’m also a bit concerned about the added pod length also concerned me, up to a point where I’m thinking about supporting the pod from the fuselage. I’ll make sure to update.

@Alexandre, certainly, my intention is to drill the holes through the “skirt” which covers the tube from the outside. That should allow me to sink the head of the screws.

I just ordered ASA-X, I’ll start reprinting tomorrow.


Did you complete an efoil? Jet drive Ant? Would be great so see, that what i did also, direct jet.


Hi there, The unit has had to take a back set as I have had to move house and a life reset. however I have just ordered a new 3D printer and CNC router…so I will be back building shortly. I found some Acetal filament for my 3D printing, I will be very keen to try out as I believe Acetal to be the best plastic for all things under water and machine able.


Awesome work and greetings from Russia!
Congratulations and thanks for your project
I am new on the forum and I started on the adventure for the construction of an electric hydrofoil.Bought all of material and start assembly.
I have a question about the your new controller.Could you upload the stl? I have same controller and it need to be smaller.It will be great if you upload the stl of new controller.


Did you get an all-in-one CNC and 3D printer? If so, which one did you go with because I’m looking at getting the Dremel Digilab 3D45 but would like a desktop CNC as well


I am using a small Winning controller right now, double gloved. It’s tiny. I assume you refer to the smaller enclosure for the big GT2B I used before, it’s one of the many you can find on the skateboard forum and thingyverse. But I think I saw some people here working on a waterproof enclosure for it.


No the Router is stand alown


I want to modify seamount REV2 but when i load stl file on fusion 360 , it s impossible to modify, there is no sketch, only mesh .


how do you proceed to modify on fusion 360.
I cant modify stl sealmount file , there is any sketch only mesh !


Hi Giloris, I shared the Fusion CAD assemblies which you can download as Fusion 360 archive (.f3z file) and then import as your own new Fusion 360 project. It will then include all referenced components in native Fusion CAD format (buy and to be printed stuff). The STL files are just exports from this CAD assembly for convenience in case people want to print without any modifications.


Thank you very much
I upload all files
It s ok now


Thanks for the pictures. It looks like the walls of the cavity are filled with filler? Is there a specific reason you added filler to it rather than leaving it with plain epoxy over glass/carbon?


With 3:1 or 5:1 reduction drive system do you always get the prop up to full expected RPMs no matter the prop size or do you still find a lack of torque/rpm at full power? Just wondering if you can get away with a smaller motor VS the 56mm 500kv?


Depends on rider weight and the overall setup. I have enough power with my SSS 56104. Peter was successful a year ago with a smaller SSS 4092.


Cool, I was thinking if you wanted to shorten your unit you could use the TP5650 motor, which is 70mm long, that would shorten your reduction gear drive by 40mm which is a quit a bit and cut roughly 400 grams of weights also. Just a thought.


Hi @Ant

Did you get this working? I would love to try a jet approach. Will you be able to share any cad for us to print?


Hi MauiMan,
sure happy share my parts drawings that make up the unit.
It’s all drawn in Solidworks.
Declaimer: (I have not built or tested it yet) you would be the first. as I have just been to busy.
I would need a place on this form to upload all the files.


@pacificmeister Hi, I would like to try your solution of plug but the download is out of work (Assembly Inrunner Direct SSS56104 PlugTest).


Can you share the link that doesn’t work? I might have only posted an image on some idea that was never built.