Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


Pictures to sealmount rev2


Here’s a tool I made for drilling holes through the center of the 8mm shaft without a drill press.



looks like your oil seal is not the right size. it should fit in the inner, deeper cutout and the bearing should fit on the top of the cutout.


Actually i mesurée thé seal and output diamèter is 20mm instead 19,05mm
I will recommend another seal but mcmaster doesn t deliver un France
Would you know a site that sells this model ?


I highly recomend replacing the couplers cheap boag grub screw that rust and strip with stainless, as soon as I changed to stainless, never had another issue…


thats a good suggestion. not very expensive to grab some SS m4 grubs.


@pacificmeister Do you know if the neugart gearbox is building up excessive heat during operation? I am playing with a few designs and wondering if it would be useful to include a heat sink or oil cooling around the gearbox. What do you think? Would it be helpful?


I have no way to measure the gearbox heat yet. But yes I am sure it gets quite hot and the heat currently doesn’t get transferred to the outside well, airgap and PLA parts. Adding an aluminum sleeve around the 40mm Neugart to make it sit flush in the aluminum tube would be good. Or maybe fill the tube with oil yes…haven’t considered that. It might flush out that special gearbox grease and add additional friction. Keep us posted.


@pacificmeister Have you moved to the parametric prop/duct setup, or still using the original ones as per your CAD?


Cool thanks for the input. I will be sure to include some cooling strategy in my next design!


Still on the original. Printed the new parametric and realized that i made the struts holding the naca0012 profile duct a bit thin. It has some flex and will probably break off. I should just try it. Didn’t get to optimize yet.


Just keep in mind that stainless is usually not as strong as normal steel.


Its stronger than rusting steel decaying within days of use, there is a reason all boats use SS parts not normal steel :slight_smile:


hi pacificmeister, first thanks a lot for your files, which is an amazing work . do you have mor details to the neugart ple 40 1:5 which you’re using? because i’ve tried to order on, but they asked me about which version and which diametres i would like to order. maybe you can help me with a datasheet from the right one. thank you


PLE040-005-SSSA3AA-T8 is the full model number


Hello pazificmeister, thank you for sharing your experiences. Can you tell what material you are using for Propeller ABS, HIPS, PLA and what is the name of your 3D printer?


would anyone have the Parker sealmount file edit with ceramic bearing? thanks in advance.


is it not a problem i’ve the 3d printet pieces are not 100% waterproof? or what are you doing against that?


thanks cwazy for your fast awnser. this gear will be the right one?


Pazifikmeister, you are using the tattu 22000 mAh, two pieces.
Do you connect them parallel or in series?
Or in other words do you surf your actual build with the neugart gear with 6 or 12 S ?