Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


yes… just drill a hole into the base plate.


Hello everyone,
at the moment i started to put everything together.
It was the first time i connected the motor. And he makes a really loud noise. The brushless motors i know didnt make such a noise. It sounds that a bearing is broken or something “scratching”.

What do you say?


Sounds like there is excessive runout on the rotor causing it to hit the laminations. Otherwise maybe a bad bearing? It definitely sounds very mechanical, although it is possible that is could be caused by poor ESC commutation.


Are you giving it 12s, sounds like it’s not getting full power like you using 3s or below to test?


I tested the motor with 6s.
But to be sure i will test it with an other fresh charged pack.
Also i will try to rotate the motor manually and hear if it make this noise.
I tried this yesterday per hand and i think i heard the noise again, but i will try it today with an electric screwdriver.
Or speaks anything again to test it offline with an electric screwdriver?


It happens to me often to have a metallic tiny object (screw or else) which was on my working table and got attracted by the magnet inside the motor, thus scratching when rotating

I simply open the motor, take the foreign metal thing out of it, and that is it…


@pacificmeister did you do any programming of the HW130A ESC?


@cwazy1 I just removed reverse with the audio beep programming. Everything else defaults.


I redesigned the 3 blade prop to be a no drill shaft using a 8mm to 8mm coupler if anyone is interested… I still don’t have the room for a drill press in my 800 sq ft loft


Consider me interested!

I’m probably an idiot, but i’m struggling to either drill, or tap the HSS 8mm shafts I got from amazon. Whilst I can cut through them, even the cobalt bits on the drill won’t touch them.


Sounds difficult without proper tools. I spent some time watching videos on drilling hardened steel and I think it comes down to proper technique, tools, and patience.

In any case, here is the new prop which will work with a 8mm to 8mm coupler. This one to be precise.

You’ll use 2 x m4 socket head bolts to secure the prop through the coupler and into the shaft, as well as also 2 of the provided grub screws to secure the coupler to the shaft. Best to still file 4 flat spots onto the shaft for each of the 2 m4 and 2 grub screws.


You say the shaft is made from HSS? Very difficult to drill. Only a Carbide drill cut cut it. But be careful since they snap extremely easily. You need a steady setup with everything clamped down. Use a V-block to hold the shaft.


I try to assembly ever part but i havé problèm to ceramic bearing
To thé drawing 2D this part dont hère
I dont undertand where this part install
Can you help me to fix this part ?


Hi pacificmeister
You add an céramic bearing to thé propeller and size duct is’ not ok
Do you havé modelling another duct ?


Did you use the latest revision of the seal mount? If you used an old one, there is only a seat for the oil seal.


Yes, see rev2 above: Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


I use rev 2
Thé céramic bearing is in sealmount or out ?


It should be IN the seal mount. Looks like you printed the wrong file.


Hi crazy1
I Printed sealmount rev 2
I install double lipseal in and out sealmount
Is thé ceramic bearing install on lipseal ?
Lipseal dont hi to thé bottom and thé bearing goes !
I havé maybe size problèm to lipseal ?
Giloris [quote=“pacificmeister, post:1, topic:21, full:true”]
Hello fellow builders!
I am releasing all the build info and CAD sources today. I got lots of requests for STL and CAD files. Please feel free to use and change them for your personal foil project. Build, innovate and most important: Please share insights and changes on this forum with everyone else.

Here an overview of all the available information:

YouTube Build Progress:
Early 2017 I started documenting my design and build process on YouTube. This was my first public YouTube experiment and I very much enjoy the positive energy from makers around the world. Let’s keep going.

Pacificmeister Open Source
This is the main Fusion 360 assembly which links all other components - directly viewable on web, downloadable in various CAD formats incl. Fusion. Builders can import into their own Fusion projects and have access to all components

CAD Files (recent Neugart Version)

CAD Files (previous Parker Version)

Other Components

STL Files:

How To Videos:

  • Parametric Prop and Duckt - new improved version by @Taylor, Video and Fusion 360 CAD file available.
    Parametric Propeller (my old version part of the assembly. Will update my assembly to include Taylor’s version soon) This video walks through the parametric prop which is part of my published Fusion 360 assembly above. Quickly customize things like number of blades, shape of the blades, angles and the shaft attachment sizing. Credits to Nikolai, Emil and Jonas Hiorth for a nicely working prop/duct, I choose a very similar shape.
  • Custom Masts - This video shows how to quickly adjust the mast clamp to your own foil mast in Fusion 360. The fusion assembly comes with LF 2017 and Axis mast designs but you can adapt it to any mast. Here is the CAD file I use in the video, same components are referenced by the full CAD assembly listed above.
  • Other Gearboxes - I used the Parker PV40TN-007 in my first build. Here is a Fusion assembly with the Parker gearbox based on the latest setup (Oct 22). I just updated this because I realized that several people bought the Parker based on my old parts list. 3 parts are different to the Neugart setup, the colored ones (red, yellow, orange), also part of the assembly.
  • Video of a full end-to-end assembly (in progress, I am still waiting for another gearbox. Will be using a nice aluminum Axis foil for this next rig)


can you post a picture of your seal mount without the oil seal or bearing?