Orders from china ( Maytech)

Has anyone had any problems ordering from China with this current Corona problem.
I am Based in Thailand

Believe it or not, but I got it within 2 days!
I ordered on monday and received the remote on wednesday evening. I live in the netherlands :smiley:
Thanks @Eileen

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Same to me to Germany.

Ordered many times since corona virus and have had no problem so far. I think you’ll be fine as long as there is no lock down from your country

Got your own airplane :wink:

I ordered an ESC from flipsky last Thursday. They assured me that there will be no delays. DHL express still only show a status of shipping information received.

I got a package from Hong Kong today with Dhl express. Should be no problem :wink:

Well it turned up today as promised , all looking good very happy, Thank you Eileen !