Optimize 63100 outrunner motor for wet cooling and direct drive

Lets start a new thread, to optimize a new to be specified motor based on the existing

Compared to the 6384PG we gain some wealthy stator length, it grows from 56 to 66mm, so the torque and power of the electro and magnetic system grow by 17.8%. The weight grows from 955 to 1090g, 14.1%. The specified power grows from 4000W to 4500W, which is a little underestimated, but perfect for our use.

I want to start discussion about a new specification for the 63100, to set up a kind of open source standard owned by the public to which some people can contribute and others could offer products aligning to this standard more or less. Following points i have in mind:

  1. Kv, shall it be 100 instead of 140 as now? Reduce the windings thickness to enable better cooling of inner windings.

  2. Rod shall be made of stainless steel and reduced length, so it does not stick out at any end.

  3. Bearings? Bearings!

  4. Circlip shall be stainless.

  5. Some openings in the bell, maybe few than for the air cooled motors.

  6. Drill patterns.

  7. Leads and electrical interface.

  8. Streamlining the inside of the rotor, glueing of magnets, protection against corrosion and abrasion.

  9. Protection of the stator and windings against corrosion and abrasion.

The product shall not be kept in water endless time, but only for time of usage.
It is clear that the bearings need to be swapped from time to time, especially when used in salt water. This implies, the motor is disassembled, the circlip is unmounted to take off the rotor and reach the bearings. The electrical interface shall support this, so (waterproof) plugs are needed.


Looking forward to seeing a guide or such a marinized motor available on the shelf.
I am no expert and satisfied with this spec but, if it does not evolve, say, by the 14th July (post publication date = 2nd June + 6 weeks), does it mean you are going to call for a small batch production (with or without survey aiming at evaluating the number of potential buyers) ?