Nicks Jet direct drive Build


Last run out we nanaged 13 knts
Thats about 24 kph
The front wing was loose so as we came up onto the foil it became very unstable


Nice, ya I think the 64mm impeller is just a little too large for direct drive using a 56mm motor, good call.
If your RPM’s are not maxing out, then yes you could decrease pitch still.
We just increased our pitch with a couple different versions of impellers, ill get exact pitch calculations this week and post them here.

Our waterproof remote is done and ready for injection molding now which is really exciting! Just sent away for update quote with our final tweaks to lower mold costs and decrease mold cooling times for large batch production.


Time for a new board


Board starting to take Shape


Really glad I found your project! really helpful for mine and interesting to see how many changes you have made. I was looking at the SSS56114/360KV motor until I thought, does a high KV number still matter for a jet motor? I know it does for a propeller system but you seemed to have dropped down. Did you not get enough torque?



with a jet drive you need as much torque as you can get.


And keep the Amps down



Looks amazing Nick!
Your going to love that board for a standing start, stability, and this shape is really forgiving when your nose dive. I had an entire session last week where I didn’t fall which was really cool and im not a good foiler yet, but the wide board is VERY recoverable.


so Ive changed a few things while building the board.
I now have a diaphram Pump to bring water from the bottom of the mast through the ESC and then exit the top of the mast.
A 3S battery to power the Bec and water pump.
the 6S batteries are separated from the rest of the electronics with an internal wall.
the mast can be quickly separated from the board 3 cable plugs and two hose’s 4 bolts that hold the mast to the board.

Im Just waiting for some one to sell a waterproof remote.
and to buy deck grip for the top of the board.


We have struggled with water pumps, I just tried a couple other ones as well a diaphram and they all fail within a few rides I find. We have gone back to our best setup which direct waterpressure from our net nozzle with water pickup. It always works, the more power you use the more water pressure you get cooling to counter the heat.

We now have a custom ESC made for us with built in bec so our electrical box is super clean and simple. Nick, you should run the ESC cooling hose somewhere you can see if its flowing… when the pump dies and water stops you have 1 minute max before overheating.


I have always used the jet pressure until now
I thought the pump might be more reliable
as you have water flow all the time
not just when you have >50% throttle


Deck grip : what about resin + powder sugar ? That is what many windsurfers are using on a daily basis.



Its to rough I’ve lost a lot of skin to it
when I build kite boards I just do a peel ply finish on the top of the board.

for this I think deck grip will be better


Nick, Here is today’s session on butter water with direct drive jet, so much fun!!!
I am 255lbs (115kg) and I hit 20mph today. The jet drive is ultra smooth and im cruising at 50% throttle maybe but it goes fast if you squeeze the trigger!!


great progress Chris
things are looking really good


Nice! Did you log the power draw during cruise?


I did not, but its on my agenda to make window in power box to read it/record it with go pro i wanna know also.


Too good to be true? looks usable with minor modifications.


I thought you had data logging chris