Nicks Jet direct drive Build


The board I went for is an NJS formula kite board
brand new $300 delivered not a bad deal

and I need to cut the hell out of it


This needs a NSFW tag :open_mouth:


Nice box.
What is it?
I planned on using some similar aluminium box for outdoor junction boxes,but they are only IP65, which is not made for submersion.
Is yours higher rated than that?


The box is Ip65 but I use silicone when I close it
just to make sure

Im still not 100% happy with it and looking at other solutions


Just received a new delivery today


selection of wings as well as the Manta wings


new design water inlet


ok, where do you put it, in the groove or just around the the box?




have u test it yet???


Very cool. How’d it perform :slight_smile: ?


Forgot to mention we are now running a 360KV motor


Looks great! Is it SSS 360KV? Did you test it in water?


no its not SSS

I have been on the water moving around but not on the foil yet

Im reprinting a more streamlines design.


Progressing very slowly at the moment

Initial water tests the wing angles were all wrong

so have now reset wings front wing has lift 3 deg
rear wing is 1 deg negative

new prop and out let printed

Im working on waterproofing everything better than I had it

I have extended my board to give a bit more volume approx 100lts

Its ready for a water test

Then im off to the UK for 3 weeks so its going to slow down even more.


First try with The Jet Drive Hydrofoil

I think I need a little more AOA

doing 19.5Kph


That goes very well. Good work! Is the impeller 3D printed?


Nice, looking good Nick!
You still doing 64mm impeller there and that higher speed foil?


Yes 3D printed prop and housing


Hi Chris no im on 60mm now
Its pulling about 140 amps
So when i get back from the UK
I was thinking of reducing the pitch a little

What pitch are you running
And hows the remote coming along