New Waterproof Remote with Display (FelixRemote)

Nearly finished.


Looks good, let me know how to purchase. Thanks

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First remote will be sent out tomorrow.
Thank you so much for supporting me.:grinning:


Can you show us what the screen looks like when turned on? What data can you see on it using a VESC?

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We need to support our developers​:+1::+1::+1:


now I came from the first ride. gas sensitivity excellent, the volt value is displayed well, water probably doesn’t flow into it. :+1::+1::+1::grinning:Only the signal is terribly weak - 1 cm of water above the suitcase immediately turns off the signal. I will probably move the receiver forward. Is it not possible to enlarge the antenna?!
Good job Felix, thank you.:grinning::pray:


I praise Felix remote.:+1::heart_eyes:


Will produce next one as I can see my first still works. I will do it in the next two weeks. Thanks for the sharing. Love to see it.

Hi Felixfoiler! If you plan to have another testpilots, it would be nice, if you can sell one remote for me!

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Updated the Design, beacause i tested for 1 week without any flaws.

Update will be shortly available to update OTA.



ok i learned a lot over the few weeks of testing. Wifi has some very important safty built in. I had a probelm in the remote, that a cable has become loos and therefor giving full throttle. Fortionalty after 10m the connection was lost and nothing has happend. This will only happen in my own remote, as i used very bad cables for the connection. Not the solder pad broke, the cable did!
Anyways issues i have to fix:
Esp32 is very power hungry with the converter to 5v (0.5a)
When power gets lower connection issues appear.
Reedswitch wont turn off sometimes due to the larg amount of current going through it (Rated 1a)

I already have an fix for all the problems:

The esp32 feather can run from an battery from 4,2-3,2v so no problems should appear with the battery an connection. With the reedswitch i will use a transisor or mosfet to turn it on/off. Also in case the cable should break again. In the code is a detection now built in. in case it would break again it goes to 0% gas.

Br Felix
Sorry for not updaeting but as a 17year old student, getting the driver licencs and working in freetime its always getting difficoult to find time for developing further.
But so far im preatty proud that my remote works so well over the last few weeks. No water inside. Long battery usage. And thanks to everyone which supports my project!


Great work & great humility you are inspiring ! your way of doing things is brilliant ! keep up the good work!

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New board works great with the display. Power cosumtion cut by 30%. Overall very happy. Will keep you updated

Currently producing 2 pcs stay tuned for more …

Lest 2 weeks i only fixed bugs and safety issues inside my program. I really can say now that my remote ist very safe. For anyone who wants one in the next month simply contact me.


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Nice work felix! What cost are we talking about hete?

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Its 250€ without shipping, however this price may change because I haven’t calculated the new motherboard in yet. But ita around 250 exl shipping.