New (jet board) build (v2). Orientating on hatches (for now)

Guys (girls?).

I’ve just received 2 brand new jets… So… It is time to start building version 2 of my jet board.
This time instead of converting an original surfboard into a jet board I am going to build a board around the needed parts.

My 1st idea was to build a board from wood, but this is on hold for now… I’m going to use foam.

For the blank I will be using EPS blocks in combination of Styrodur and fiberglass. (The styrodur will be used to make a sandwich construction). The plan is to keep the blank below the 3 kg!

The board will be 160 cm long, wide 60 cm and thick 16 cm.

As this is a jet board, it needs 2 watertight compartments.
1 for the battery’s, and 1 for the motors/jets/ESC’s

The battery’s and ESC’s will be in a water tight box, but the motors/jets not

I might consider making 1 big hatch covering both battery and motor compartment. (any thought on this from you guys?)

I’ve seen many differente ways on the forum of watertight hatches, but unfortunately no how to’s…

Anyone here who might know of a how to on hatches / compartments?

Also… Any input is welcome!

Just take 2 waterproof cases and mold the board around those cases , a lot easier at the end and it will waterproof for sure


That is what I am doing for the battery box.

The jets need to be on a 2 mm aluminium plate, and need to touch the water at the bottom (water intake for the jets). I need to be able to access the jets from the top, and all this needs to be waterproof.

In version one I have the jets in an aluminium box, but am till now unable to make it 100% waterproof :frowning: