New hiorth build



New hiorth build in progress. Got my neugart after 18 weeks :slight_smile:

Started to assemble foil and fuselage. Everything is glued, no treads in this build.

I use a medium size gong surf foil with a 65cm mast. Motor is sss 500kv. Gearbox is neugart 5:1.

All parts printed in petg and reinforced epoxy plus 110g fiber.

Had some fun with stickers from the swedish Air Force as well


The result looks really sleek ! Is it a Blender rendering ?
Just kidding, pictures are awesome. Printed parts: is it “normal” wet application with a brush or infusion ?
Looking forward to your first tests :+1:


looks awesome!
Is the foil and wings also 3d printed?
Which prop is that? Is it off the shelf or also 3d printed?


Looks very Nice :slight_smile: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:slight_smile: Foil is from gong. Only the parts for the “torpedo” are reinforced with epoxy. I sanded and clear coated them as well.


That damn gearbox. One sure way to extend the lifespan of the gearbox is adequate cooling.

I don’t have the machinery to do this my self but a friend helped me out.

Start of with a solid sly rod. Trim it down so it fits snug in the alu pipe. Drill a center hole, we used a 39mm drill :).

Trim the screws on the neugart flush to the housing.

Slowly increase the inner dia of the cooling ring and make sure to test the dia between runs.

Last move it to make space for the 4 screws holding the gearbox in place.



Made a connector for the board and mast to make transport easier.

Need to test under load to see if it will hold up.

The female gets glued, I’m thinking sika flex, to the board.


Nice, let us know how testing goes.