New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150

Can only assume it’s the brand reputation. They are one of the most common motor manufacturers for esk8.

Is it pretty much a given that 100kv version of this motor will be suitable?

Does anyone have metr data on the same prop between 100kV and 200kV?

I decided to buy , test the service & product from Flipsky so the only 100kv that was listed has been sold. I will give you all a review & unboxing in about 25+ days. The gearbox I had was rubbish anyway.


Great, can’t wait to hear about it. So thats Maytech and Flipsky @ 100kV being reviewed - has any one gone and gotten the ReacherTech?

Yes, heres is @MauiMan 's post with pictures for his 100kv :crossed_fingers: received a month ago (late June 2019)

The three 192kv motors (and probably the coming ones 120kv, 150kv, …) are probably made in the same factory with identical outside dimensions (mm) but the displayed specs are different (Max Pwr, MAx Voltage, Kv, … ) as if those three brokers (MT , RT and Flipsky ) were trying to cover their tracks…

Even if metr data is a must have, it is less important imho than testing with the same prop since we can compare drawn amps at 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35kmph with different data loggers.
The only efficient and easily worldwide sourceable prop is without doubt the @pacificmeister Prop_rev3_3blade.stl, soon tested by @svtlakovas in aluminium (world premiere from Russia if my guess is right)

[Edit] In an ideal situation, it would be great if all these motors could be tested with a @Flying_Rodeo 3 blade prop. This will take time.


That would restrict testing to those that already own the prop. Last time I checked they cant supply them. I inquired with @Flying_Rodeo to buy one for the reacher tech 80kv, but no response.

Does anyone have the flipsky 100KV Motor? From the drawing the shaft looks very short to properly fix the prop. Anyone using this motor already?

The gray part on top is the size of the flipsky with a pacificmeister 3 blade prop the parts below is a cross section of a 500Kv & gearbox.
Other aftermarket propellers may be better with a larger diameter hub.

Following. Looking for a easy setup to build my first board

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Hi Virus,
great work as usual.
Can you please list the material you use on this easier direct drive solution (electronics and engine)?
Any chance you have the stl file for your propeller? I would like to try to 3D print one?
Thanks for your work and honesty.

Well my geared setup is shorter than the flipsky motor, but it has to be tested.

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motor: Maytech 100kv 5000w direct motor
esc: Maytech 300A
Battery: tattu lipo 12s 32Ah
120mm prop, testing 140mm yamaha prop se ti queres o archivo stl.


Many thanks Virus,
did you ever get to foil with 6S batteries?
i still need to test my build, but i only have 6S at the moment. I can make a serial connection to make 2 batteries pack to have a 12S, but wanted to try with 6S first.

This is a 65150 type clamp concept (yes I will share the STL files when finished) .
This is a first cut concept only, it will be a compression clamp on the back of the motor, aluminium 6061 rods with studs threaded in. will use the rods to transfer the radial torque & a forward plate with a nose cone TBA design.

any advice is welcome.


Design looks good. How do you plan on bringing the phases through the clamp and into the mast?

x a forward mast deflector , not sure who did it first but I have seen a few build that have done it. Builders: how not to drill your alu or carbon mast!

Hi everyone!

from the pictures for the 65160 motors it seems that they are using distributed winding. It means these are PMSM motors not BLDC (like FR ie. concentrated winding). It means they would require at least VESC controller as it can drive it in FOC mode.
I am pretty sure that 65160 can be used with regulars ESC like swordfish with trapezoidal drive signal but I wonder what is the performance penalty?

Any toughts?

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Yes, based on the photos, you’re definitely correct about the Hobiba motor being PMSM, and not BLDC. I’m interested to see how they stack up when run with a trapezoidal supply. I would still happily take a punt. Maybe we can ask the manufacturer for a concentrated winding.

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From what I read you can use trapezoidal voltage to power a PMSM but it create audible noise vibration and poor efficiency. Did you notice noise with the Swordfish Virus?
PMSM are in theory more efficient, less torque ripple than BLDC if driven correctly so that’s not a bed thing.
That would mean Virus first results would be improved using a VESC in FOC mode as suggested by Mike

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