New battery, which dimensions?

Hi Guys,
now I would like to order my battery for the efoil. So far I have planned 13S with 40Ah for the Flying Rodeo setup. With 14S the cables are used less and I have more power. And it is 2kg more weight…Which values ​​should I have configured? Are my values ​​ entered correctly?
For 52V 40Ah lithium polymer battery:
Configured: 14s1p (Need to be customized)
Charge current: 20A (Need to be customized)
Discharge current: 90A (Need to be customized)
Peak discharge current: 190A (Need to be customized)
Connector: AS150 7mm
Dimension: 340 * 270 * 106mm
Wide: around 11.8kg
Lead time: 15 days
Cost: $ 538 / unit contain 20A lithium charger
Shipping cost: $198 by air to German door to door service contain tax and custom fee taking around 15 days.

I know, they are heavy, but I need the time on the water… :cowboy_hat_face:

Or does it make no sense to increase the weight by 2kg for further 4V.
13S 40Ah will cost 400,-€

Why battery ar you talking about? You have a link? Cell type? I recommend Samsung 30Q cells. The Sony VT6 cells are good too.

Don’t cheap out in the battery cells.


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This is what I got…
They change the Charger. Now it is a 20A Charger.
And I have 90A constant and 190 A Max.

The specs look good. Do you have a link? How much? What’s the battery dimensions?


Phone/Whatsapp/Skype: +86 188 2523 1800
Address: FL 3rd, Building 18th, Minzhi First Industrial Area, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

We talked a lot, she is very kindly.

She wrote:. It is ok to have Max. continous discharge current: 90A, the Max. Peak discharge current : 190A. We just need to customize the BMS. The LG Battery cells are high discharge rate cells. So it can afford the high current.
Here is the best price we can provide:

For 48V 40AH Lithium battery:

Battery cells: LG imported battery cells

Charge current: 20A

Countinous discharge current: 90A (need to customized)

Peak discharge current: 190A (need to customized)
Dimension: 340270106mm
Weithg: around 10.5kg
Leadtime: 10 days
Cost: $398/ unit contain a 20A lithium charger.
Shipping cost: $251 for two pieces by air to German contain custom fee and tax taking around 12 - 15 days. Total cost is $1047.

The shipping costs are a little bit high, so I think, it is better to take two. May be I sell one of them, ore I use it by myself.

Building you own battery is the way to go. But, it sounds like you are getting a lot for the money.

I purchased 200 Samsung 30Q cells for $700 USD. Made my battery to the exact specifications of the Lift battery. 14s14p. 42ah. 56v. 2.1kwh.

I have a hard time trusting unknown battery builders. These batteries demand respect.

Let us know how it turns out!


okay, I will do it. I hope, the battery makes the job

Subusi, Did you order this battery yet? im looking at something along these lines. Will it work well with the flipsky 120KV motor at 90A continuous?

the factory is in vacation. Chinese new year. But I order at 4.2.
I think, it will work well with the Flying Rodeo motor.
You want to order too?

I’m ready to order if I know this pack will fit my motor

You live in spain? I am in the north of germany.
And why not with the flipsky?