My thin pod build (45mm)


Yes, no temperature problem with this gearbox because we use it far below its max input speed (50.000 rpm)


Chinese SUP foil received today:

It looks really huge compared to my kitefoil!
The quality looks good.
Weight 3.9Kg with mount and screws.

Next step: attach my thruster to the mast…


Looks like it will glide/cruise really well with as big as it is.
Is it a 2ft (60cm) wingspan? How much?


Front wing is 68x28cm


I think 10Kg of thrust should be enough to slowly cruise with this foil.
So only 400W with my thruster, so about 1h30 of cruise with my 16Ah batteries :yum:


That would be 3h with my 30Ah setup :grin:


Are you sure of the side of the front wing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Yeah the way he’s configured it, it will pull him down into the ocean :grin:
It definitely needs to be flipped.


You’re right, I’ve flipped it! :blush:


Here is my custom mast clamp (inspired from Pacificmeister design’s, thanks him!):

Naca0010 profile.

Difficult to design because:

  • thinner motor pod (45mm)
  • wider and longer mast profile (16x124mm)

So less space for wires and screws!
Hope that will be robust enough…


fait tres attention a la platine elles sont assez fragile…


Seems good :sunglasses:


That is tiny! I hope it works. Where does the prop come from?


This is an aluminuim propeller for 2-3HP outboard motors. I think this kind of prop is much more efficient that homemade 3D printed ones. I hope they are adapted enough to an efoil. Good efficiency allows smaller motors, gearboxes, ESC, batteries, connectors, wires, … so saves a lot of money!


I really like that. I hope it works! Even if you need to go with a bigger motor I think the gear and prop will still work well!


Have you had a chance to water test the completed setup?


I’m working on the board for now.
I think in 2 or 3 weeks I will be able to perform first real test on water.


This is my board, an old windsurf board, cut off at both extremities:

I yet have to glue the hatch and make electric connections before to be able to perform first tests.


very nice , will be ready before me ! i believe your foil is the same as this one :, take off fast…

you can reverse the rear wing depending on speed

do you put the larger plate to hold the mast ?