My project, progress and problems


I’ve got a bearing at the top, half way down, and bottom my drive shaft. I’ve had very little vibration from my drive shaft during a short tests with it in.


Hi Daniel, what’s your drive shaft made of. I used 12mm stainless but can’t find a straight piece. I have roller bearings top and bottom with a brass bush mid mast, so much the same as yours. I’ve only tested with a cordless drill and vibrations were worse at low rpm. I’m thinking next time I might try a smaller diameter rod that’s more flexible but in a ridged tube that’s lined with a ptfe tube so it’s supported all the way and lighter.


I’m using a 6mm mild steel rod welded directly to the input shaft on my gear box. I was getting too much vibration from a coupler and wanted the total size under .5".

My mast is a .5" x 1.5" welded steel core with a 3d printed fairing around it. The drive shaft runs through the 3d printed part. The top and mid bearings are in 1" aluminum square tube segments so they are against aluminum not plastic.


I’ve tested so far with a 6s battery but once my second battery arrives and I can do a full power 12s thrust test I’ll do a proper build post.


very nice idea! love this concept, please keep us updated!!