My 3 month build


yes 32 pounds, he has enough power to carry two people (140 kg + efoil)
the main problem with weight is when you really start using it a lot and it starts to bother to carry it
for long distances all the time in parts or two people


the damage is worse than I thought

the foil was cracked
all the way exactly in the middle
front crack open, crack on both sides
It is a difficult place to make a repair
How do you fix it?
need to make room in Carbon and then wrap in a carbon cloth?
how many layers?
or just make it thicker?


[red flange]


This video might be helpful. At 6:30 minutes he talks about cracks all the way thru. There are a bunch on YouTube about “how to repair a crack in carbon fiber.”


the crack is large and open, and there is a big movement all along
this is a constructive patch and just a coating will not help


Ahh…no you are right…it won’t. And heavy layers will change the shape of the wing. Can you order just that front wing from the seller or is the whole foil one piece?


I can only order the wing but then where’s the fun
working with new materials is a new challenge


That’s the spirit! I’m with you 100% :slight_smile: Several on this site have made their entire foil from scratch.


Can You please confirm what mast size did you use?

In the description says that mast size can be customised


the mast size is 78 cm , maybe I’ll try even longer, part of the fun is to fly slowly and as high as possible ,more interesting.
It’s very easy and with a big wing, I can easily play with the height so that the propeller comes out of the water for second without disturbing too much on the flight ,
pressing lightly with the back foot and you continue as usual


Thanks for the infromation :slight_smile:

I am starting to make a plan to build a electric hydrofoil and i need to consider all the variables