My 3 month build


With my 30A battery I ride one full hour , 15.8 km .
The battery get little bit warm after one hour of continues ride on 3/4 gas (most of the heat is generated from the bsm, I got bsm on discharge).
The peach on the prop is five.
It’s the exact prop like Silvio has (thin build 45 mm)
But I feel like my engine still got plenty of power and I’m planning on 6 peach prop with the same diameter or even higher peach with lower diameter.




Only 273 kcal. Very low consumption :joy:


In load the battery works at 49 \ 52V
Which is fast enough with 390 kV and 1: 5


12s 18650 stays at 49v?


14s 58.8v at fell charg .
the bsm turns off the battery at 43.9v .
My charger is 10A
(There are more powerful, not recommended)
I do not understand much about electronics.
I was advised by people who build batteries,
This is the best way for the purpose of results
durability (Hope for at least two years of use)
stable battery = safety


Ok thank you , 51.8v (3,7x14) , that is what i was planning for my built , 18650 has lower load number then lipo …


more info about battery please …price …shop…etc


Router bit bent and spinned itself off? What kind of a bit is that? Look like fork <:P


Flat Boring Bit\Spade Bit , it was short so I welded him another one,
but that was’t the problem . i inserted the drill only 5 mm into the router
because it was short and after welding instead of putting it all the way
i just lowered the height limit of the router ,i was in a hurry and that was stupid . in the end I ripped off styrofoam studs with my fingers


14s 30a
51.8v nominal (58.8 and fully charged)
cells Samsung 25R (8C)
bms 150a from AliExpress ,I will ask for a link from the person who bought the bms for me
Pure nickel, lead conductors soldered to a custom busbar made of copper
And I’m going to wrap the battery in fiberglass cloth + epoxy and waterproof connectors


He held up 10 hours of work even though he was not supposed to work in more than a few seconds.
Ehdis High Current Starter Relay


Everything works well
I got self-confidence and went out to cross a small lake (unaccompanied)
everything was excellent and the level of self-confidence rose to the sky.

two days later I flew along the beach
And I got stuck in the rocks
I was sure that everything had broken, luckily it was only one part
mast clamp ( abs print)

when I hit the rocks the tail hit the propeller
The silicon coating from the wires is torn but the engine still works
I turned it on when I got out of the water and it was a little electrifying
So I did not deal with it and I ordered a sea rescue because I got stuck in a problematic place ,(Had to lift the board 6 m above the breakwater and then walk with him 2 miles with 32 kg)


Wow, this could have been bad. Did the rescue guys say something about your efoil? :sweat_smile:


it is a private rescue company and they said - thank you for 250 Euros :money_mouth_face:


Ouch! :triumph:
Cheaper being dead nowdays :smile:



Could you provide some information about the foil Dimensions? Or some more detailed reference? In the description states Chinese A1 but i am failing to check the dimension of such foil.

Best Regards,

João Rebelo


Does your total rig weigh 32kg? Mine is 30kg and I was feeling like that was way too much. With me on board it’s 122kg.


It is a link to the foil I bought

A-1 foil

Now they have a new one that weighs only 3.2 kg with a new design