MP70131 anyone tried

10N12P Sold by Freerchobby, anyone tried?

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Looking interesting. I have requested some other details and internal photos.

I asked for dyno test they don’t have.

From the pictures, the biggest problem is that they are potting the back of the motor. That means its just not serviceable if there is any bearing failure.
If it can deliver the right power though, then its a much nicer price!

Could be only potting of the lead exit, there is some socket screw on the perimeter at the back so perhaps still serviceable.

Tried not watertight, not enough power, could hardly foil


Thanks for sharing, did you give them a feedback? What did they say?

Damn, thats very disappointing!

Do you have any pics of the internals? Size wise and spec wise it should be able to handle it. What prop were you using?

Well i need to add some informations to my last feedback

I used a 3D printed / carbon fibered props 130mm diameter and pitch range from 5.5 to 6 inches
those props are very efficient on similar 120kv to 130kv motor (inrunner, outrunner) @ 12s

i have no pics sorry, the leads are very thin and the motor draws a LOT of ampere if we use a higher pitch propeller.

Chances are at 70Volts this motor is a beast, but at 12S it lacks some torque, and at startup the amp draw is higher than other motors to achieve the same speed.

We use VESC’s with gentle params ( 120 Amp motor max and 100 Amp battery max) we could reach 27-28kmh
To compare with our other inrunner we can do 60wh/km @26km/h were this one needs 80wh/km @24km/h

Regarding waterproofness maybe it can be done by gluing front and back parts, the shaft seal seems fine.

Thanks for the update.
Got any pics of the other motor you tested against?

I’ve been in touch with them and they say it is 100% waterproof and they can make it at 100kV for $210 plus $30 shipping (to Ireland). Thoughts?

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Did you ask them about the thin leads? Can they change to thicker?

They can put 10AWG leads on the motor leads if we want