Motor manufacturers

Does anyone here know what manufacturer makes lift/FR motors?
Can somebody give me a link to their website?
Anyone having good/bad experience with certain manufacturers?

That’s kept pretty secret I think. We dont even know which motor is in the fr build.

I personally have the FR motor unit and I have absolutely no complaint. @Flying_Rodeo is super responsive and the motor has been very reliable and performant so far. No modifications are needed, just plug and play!

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However we know how it is inside. Rotor: 16 poles (8 pole pairs) - stator = 18 slots. Thanks J.
Tube external dimension: 136 x 68. Thanks P.
It is amazing that after 2+ years, there is no equivalent on the market…

190613 Jezza 16pole Close S

Oh wow didn’t know that.

Did anyone try to find a manufacturer who would make custom motors according to their specs for the efoil community?

Hey guys. Is this a Chinese knock off of the FR / Lift motor?


The prop looks somewhat similar but the motor doesn’t look the same at all. I don’t think anyone bought it for science yet lol.

There is a chance…
The housing may be different externally but the inside is probably the exact same…

Thats weird, if they did try to copy it I would suspect that they make the outside look the same and not the inside :see_no_evil: