Metr Vesc communication

I wanted to test the metr Dongle with the Vesc 350.
I connected it to the vesc and paired it with my phone via the metr android app.
I could see in the app that it is connected but I didn’t get any data from the vesc.

Do I have to set something in the vesc tool to get data via the metr dongl?

Hi Michael,
you have to activate UART + PPM and the green LED should glow permanently
Also the FW is important - at this time it doesn’t work with 4.0

Thx, i will try and Report back.

Things to check ,
Update metr at communication protocol ( should do it by itseft )
Update on metr at same as firmware on vesc
Open uart …

And the thing that took me 2 months :
On 75/300 ,first one ,rev1 , since this esc had a internal BLE , it bugs with the metr at module so you need to turn it off in vesctool by flashing the hardware and erase the internal BLE

Or if you are lucky and you have the rev2 you can just unchecked it in vesctool

is it now possible to combine the Metr with the vesc 75/300?
Does the firmware now fit?
I want to buy the metr Dongle and don`t want to have the problems like Alexandre… :slight_smile:
And may be, someone can help to install? Which one shall I buy? Metr pro or unity? With pcb antenna?
I have read that rx and tx are needed. For me, they are already occupied with the maytech remote control …
Unfortunately I really have no idea …

Buy pro , antenna isn’t necessary

To be clear , the problem was a hardware problem on the first vesc 75/300 , not a firmware
2 Bluetooth working together

Metr at was very nice at the time with me and tried to solve my problem and updated a lot their firmware

So yes it is fully working but :

If you buy a 75/300 rev 2 , you just need to switch off internal Bluetooth in the 75/300 using vesctool ( this had been updated since maybe when I asked Benjamen )
This is easy to do , you use need to uncheck or check in vesctool

If you buy a 75/300 rev 1 ( like me ) you need to make a cable and flash the firmware to erase the code of internal Bluetooth to turn it off , as I described it in my build post
Easy to do once it is done but pretty scary as you can fry the vesc

After that The metr at pro module does it all by itseft just follow the instruction on the web site
And there is nice tutoriel on YouTube how to set up your vesc but yes at first it will take some time to understand

The only thing now is that when you buy a 75/300 there is no way to know if it is rev 1 or 2 , now at this time I think there are all rev2 but …

As for Maytech remonte you need to run it the classic way using ppm if you when to use the metr module at the same time , you will loose data display on the remote ( but you can use the wires to get voltage and rpm )

Or as described you can get another chip vesc , put it in slave mode and plug the metr module on it , the best way to get two display I think

that doesn`t sound good. I am glad to see the Volt and temperature on the remote. May be it is not so important to me…too difficult :hugs:
I saw a video from Benjamin Vedder with the latest version. There were a positioning tool, a gps tool, something like this. It communicated with the android phone… I can´t find the video, but the Vesc can do it by itself I hope. Has anyone seen this video?
Alexandre By the way, my battery is on the way to me,yeah! Could you tell me the max. and current Volt you use with your RL motor and vesc 75/300? My battery is able to give 90 current and 190max. What shall I write in the vesc tool?

Android 8.0 phone + vesctool app + vesc 75/300 will give you data and gps speed and record log , I did not use this so I don t know about the recorded fly , I believe metr at is still the best way the read recorded log trip after use

The max value I used so far is 130A for motor and 90A for battery ( max settings on 12s ) but it can work with less than that depending on your weight and wing

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okay, thanks a lot. My batteries will be here in 15 days. I am very excited.
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I asked Trampa and they kindly anwered very quick:

“You simply have to turn on data logging in the app under Developer RT.
The app generates a CSV file that you can send by email.
In the VESC-Tool desktop version you go to Logg Analysis and open the CSV.

You no longer need additional apps or settings on your phone. Just turn on RT data logging.
The information from the video on secondary GPS apps is out of date.”

This is a very good service. I like to pay a little more money for good products and good service

For your information i had to update to 4.2 to get it working.
After the update metr app shows the realtime data.